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Animal Abuse in Esposende, Portugal

October 20, 2012


I am writing to tell you that in Belinho, a locality in the municipality of Esposende, Portugal there are a number of cases of mistreatment of animals. Dogs living in cages little bigger than its size without the minimum hygiene conditions, sub-fed, deprived of freedom. Dogs who are beaten, because the owner is drunk. Dogs and horses found dead or murdered by their owners. Cows, horses and donkeys stuck with the legs attached to each other.
The situation is so horrible that a tv reporter went there and got shocked with the situation. Although telling the story everything remained the same.

Please note Dear Sirs. / Madames: the cases have been reported during these last three years to the municipal veterinarian, the town hall, the DVG (General Veterinary Directorate), SEPNA Service (Nature Conservation) of Barcelinhos and to other main responsibilities . Yet it all remains the same: the animals have not been rescued; only some fines were passed.

The Municipal Veterinary Jose Armando Cruz Carvalho, despite knowing the situations in which these animals live does nothing to change the situation. When asked about the denunciations, he reveals the complains to the owners, jeopardizing the safety of these animals. He does nothing to help improve the conditions of these animals besides receiving taxes from the owners. The vet prefers to maintain a good relationship with the villagers rather than to perform his duties. The vet and others responsible when confronted with the allegations say that the cases are being examined by SEPNA but the truth is the animals remain in the same conditions, living a tortuous life.

It is SEPNA responsibility to intervene in these situations, but the veterinarian and the City Hall limited SEPNA to pass fines.

I believe that only with the help of the media these animals can be saved. This situation has already crossed borders and many are the persons who contest this but it never ends because when the owners of these animals lose them, they will seek others to go through the same situations of mistreatment.

Mr. Mayor of Esposende sent an e-mail (to some of the contesters including me) threatening with a process of criminal defamation for having sent an e-mail to him, the DGV and SEPNA contesting and appealing to get the situation solved. It would not be worth spending more effort and money to help animals and raise awareness ...

I ask You to please investigate and report this.

We are a group of people trying to actively solve the situation but we have nothing else we can do without help.

Please help us be the voice of these animals.
Best regards,

Daniela Coutinho

I do not know the situation personally, but I know the person who made the complaint.

Thank you

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