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About the Polish ban on Ritual Slaughter


The news about the large majority of the Polish Sejm (parliament) approved ban ritual slaughter in the country are highly gratifying, a highlight of this year and respect the wishes and demands of the overwhelming majority of the population. They give the impression of a functioning democratic culture, according to the will of the majority to decide, not the special request of small minorities in Aufoktoierung intolerable ethical transgressions that the neither in the respective constitutions, nor in cultural heritage are anchored. Human rights are not divisible and extend to the majority, who have the claim, mentally unharmed to shape their lives and also the theocracy, including animal sacrifices vehemently opposed.

Once again, the media expose in unison, as the only opinion-4 Violence in the reporting by downplaying, almost in belittlement, the harrowing process of Schächtprozesses inherent in the system as tools of advocacy worst, willful, cruelty to animals, so they meet the expectations and demands of archaic practices, allegedly by the one and the other god, one of ten thousand gods are desired and, indeed, seen as a condition of Descending Grace to be proved in retrospect by believers as indispensable as a basis for life. The devout individual torments God's creation to the death and the reward expected in return with the entry into securitized one of the paradises.

The decision was controversial, was "divisive" the Polish people. An insult to the religions and their representatives. Threats of resignation to initiate the revision of the referendum. Million of asset lost unforgivable. (Cruelty to animals as a commodity) The reference to the constantly sharp knife, the only relief should not be missed. (The individual may decide whether the knife or razor blade gives precedence for their own throat. Time to think and imagine) A violation of "freedom of religion". Unforgivable. Racist. Also, the nail gun is similar to animal torment. So therefore any kind of anesthesia. The tenor of the efforts of the media is known and will not be deepened here. In contrast, a stock quote - "The decent people have chosen."

No religious law of the Jews and the Muslims committed them to eat meat. Many religious laws both believers commit to conserving the living beings. The EU trade and imports of animals tormenting products prohibited by law in response to the demands of the member populations and embarked on the path to an animal welfare policies. Mandatory housing conditions for so-called "livestock" has been adopted and are in the enforcement process. Animal welfare has arrived on the political scene of all EU Member States. All Member States have adopted animal protection laws. Animal welfare has become a political demand in election disputes. Schächtverbote have been in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Poland, Netherlands, enforced. Wells is banned in Turkey and is voluntarily performed in Lebanon just after anesthesia. Shafts is also banned in Germany, but is tolerated well received by the federal government against those own laws. Contrary to the wishes of 86 percent of the population. A referendum would lead to the prohibition act without delay.

In the presence of scientists and documenting Schächtversuche were carried out at the slaughterhouse Frankfurt -

The sheep was fixed with chains and turned Supine. The throat and the neck were cut with a long knife, so that the head lost his footing and fell backwards. The blood rushed from veins and arteries, but clotted very soon, so that had to be trimmed to get the blood stream. It was recut six times. After fifteen minutes, the sheep was shot to his feet and unleashed. The head snapped back to the original position. The sheep stood on trembling legs and immediately began to tend towards the exit of the room, where it collapsed at the door and died.

"Toughened butcher the institution refused to carry out these tortures."

A terse description of the ruched Schächtvorgangs. Physiologically, the process is complex dar. The brain is supplied by arteries in the neck area is located to the collapse of the circulatory system with sufficient oxygen and ceases to operate only when the neck wound from no blood appears, ie. the process of bleeding has served its purpose. Until the final moment of death, the brain reacts unchanged. That is, the victim, nothing more is it, the process is fully aware to the end.

The swelling of the esophagus, stomach content reaches the bloodstream to the lungs, leading to suffocation and spasms. (Dr. Hartinger, trauma surgeon)

This documentation, among others, a myriad of others, were brought to the media for 20 years continuously noted. The continual downplaying are subject to the conscious intent to deceive.

Doner is halal. Consequently Schächtfleisch.


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