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The Polish government does not agree with the Law on the Protection of Animals


Citizen Protection Act does not like animals to the Polish government. As we read on the prime minister, as enacted uderzy³yby the farmers and prevent the approximately 50 thousand people. Animals also suffer.

The Government is opposed to civil solutions of the draft resolution on protection of animals, because these proposals could lead to liquidation or limitation of breeding of some species - announced on the website of the Prime Minister.

Citizen Protection Act of animals came to the Parliament yet in the previous term. The authors wish to establish the National Animal Inspection for the provincial departments and inspectors, which would include oversee the breeding of domestic animals. In addition, it shall be prohibited in such keeping of wild animals in circuses, animal fur for fur.

"The government is opposed to the proposed solutions, primarily due to anticipated negative consequences of bans and restrictions on livestock production and marketing of animal products" - noted in a statement.

According to the government ban on fur farming fur would mean elimination of approximately 31 thousand. farms, and consequently deprived of revenue of about 50 thousand. people. The ban on livestock rearing bez¶ció³kowego odbi³by negatively on the breeding of laying hens kept in cages.

The Government notes that the civil bill was submitted to Parliament before the enactment of the Act on the Protection of Animals, which entered into force on 1 January, so that it omits some already existing solutions. As highlighted, civic project does not contain provisions designed to comply with European Union law. Do not implement a significant part of the EU regulations regarding the protection of livestock, which could result in suspension of direct aid to farmers and the initiation of proceedings against Poland before the European Court of Justice for failure to implement the provisions on animal welfare.

Civic project involves the establishment of a National Animal Inspection for the provincial departments and inspectors. It would include oversee the care of homeless animals, breeding of domestic animals and the places where wild and domestic animals are used for commercial purposes.

The draft prohibits: permanent keeping dogs on a leash or confined (now referred to the length of the tether and limit time spent on it), keeping wild animals in circuses, fur farming, transport live fish without water, preventing cats allowed access to food living and shelter.

Civic design also reduces livestock journey times to 12 hours. Prohibits pigs castrated without anesthesia. Also proposed legislation that - according to the authors - to reduce the ritual slaughter of animals. In addition, animals killed in slaughterhouses would be separated by partitions from those that are waiting for slaughter.

The pet stores would sell only allowed certain animals. Breeding of domestic animals found in the project as an economic activity subject to tax. The project also envisages the gradual introduction of universal identification system for pets - czipowania.

Under the project the community would have to draw up programs to combat homelessness animals. For-profit entities or persons convicted of crimes against animals could not catch the lead shelters or homeless animals.

Some of the solutions proposed in the draft civil Sejm passed in August last year in the amendment to the Animal Protection Act, which entered into force on 1 January. Under the amendment include increased penalties for cruelty to an animal, banned from shooting in the woods wandering dogs and pets trade markets. The solutions proposed in the draft prepared by coalition civil sitters are more radical.

Coalition for Animals is an agreement

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