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Poland ARAs urge Poles not to buy live Christmas carp

Animal rights activists have began their now annual campaign for carp, the traditional centerpiece on the Polish Christmas table, to be treated with more care during this holiday period.
�Fish are animals that feel pain as we do, yet people seem to forget about that, as half the city is carrying live carp in plastic bags, condemning them to a slow death from lack of water," said Lukasz Musial from the animal rights organization Basta!, as they protested outside the Carrefour supermarket in the north western city.

The Klub Gaja environmental NGO has also launched its "Do not buy live carp" campaign, which has been endorsed by Polish celebrities such as actress Julia Pietrucha and travel and food writer Robert Maklowicz.

full story:,Animal-rights-protesters-urge-Poles-not-to-buy-live-Christmas-carp

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