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AR philosophy 2: 130 slides (56kb). May 2007, by Jakub, from Poland.

Polish parliament rejects kosher slaughter - July 2013
     About the Polish ban on Ritual Slaughter

1st update from Skaryszew, Poland - Feb 2013

Poland ARAs urge Poles not to buy live Christmas carp - 12/12

Fur Farm Investigation in Poland - 11/12

Polish ruling on kosher meat angers Jews - 11/12

The Polish government does not agree with the Law on the Protection of Animals - Feb 2012

Polish presidency urged to keep animal welfare central to its priorities - July 2011

Warsaw Activists Protest Animals Freezing in Nativity Scene - 12/2010

Project Dog House Before Winter - October 2010

VEGAN WEEK -- ethics, animal rights, human health and vegan cooking

In 2009, Empatia decided to start a new annual event -- Vegan Week. We printed leaflets and posters and invited people from all over Poland to enroll in our Vegan Week participation list in order to get our materials (free of charge) and distribute them during vegan demos, lectures, show films etc in their own towns and villages.

This year, we hold Vegan Week a second time. We also send out free leaflets and posters to activists in Poland. Our main events are held in Warsaw, but our members are also involved in the organisation of the Vegan Week in Toruń and Katowice.

More info:

Actions Reported to Biteback - 2009

AR Campaigners are Drafting a New Law - September 2008

Hunting Towers Toppled - May 2007

Dozens of Windows Broken at Fur / Meat Shops - May 2007

Poland-Fish -- Jan. 2006. Report concerning conditions of selling live fish in Poland.

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