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reported by activists in Poland:

"Few shooting towers damaged in Poland within last 2 weeks."

September 5, 2014 - FOX LIBERATION

reported by Polish activists (translation):

"More than 80 foxes rescued from a fur farm

The animals have escaped a cruel death, which inevitably would have awaited them at the hands of the farmer.

If not you, who?
If not now, when?

Take matters into your own hands!"

"Z fermy futerkowej uratowano ponad 80 lisów

Zwierzęta uniknęły w ten sposób okrutnej śmierci, która niechybnie czekałaby je z rąk hodowcy.

Jeśli nie Ty, to kto?
Jeśli nie teraz, to kiedy?

Weź sprawy w swoje ręce!"

February 1, 2014 - OPEN RESCUE OF 10 CHICKENS 

reported by BASTA! (click here for photos from the rescue):

"More than 719 million chickens were killed for meat in Poland in 2012. Currently, most of the animals are grown in the industrial manner which deprives them of their subjectivity. They are devoid of the possibility to satisfy the simplest needs, such as adequate space for living, access to fresh air and sunlight. Contemporary factory farming means thousands of birds crammed into one smelly and stuffy building.

Animal rights activists have rescued 10 chickens from an industrial farm. These animals have avoided six weeks of idle life, a big truck transportation and death in a slaughterhouse. Their fate has been changed and they live in a safe place now. We encourage you to watch the recording of the Open Rescue and consider going vegan - this is a fundamental step towards changing the lives of all animals!"


anonymous claim of responsibility (rough translation):

"An animal is not just a thing.
An animal such as a fox, mink or a cow is a Person. Just like a human. Thinking and feeling. Believe it or not, animals are able to plan, love and desire. Longing for freedom and contact with others. Desiring freedom of movement, to do what is normal for the species. To be able to trust those who are close and important to them.

Watching a fox running through the grass, for the first time feeling underfoot anything other than wire mesh, joining with other foxes and fleeing together from the farm, made us feel that we are doing something good for them. Even if they do not live to old age, to run across the field is a life event for them. One moment when they can feel free and satisfied. On the farm they would die sad, frightened, lonely.

We will return and repeat our efforts. At this farm, and at others, in Poland.

You can do it too. Take matters into your own hands.
If not you, who? If not now, when?"

"Zwierzę nie jest rzeczą.
Zwierzę takie jak lis, norka, czy krowa jest Osobą. Tak jak człowiek. Myśli, czuje, ufa lub nie, potrafi planować, kochać i pragnąć. Pragnąć wolności, kontaktu z innymi osobnikami. Pragnąć możliwości swobodnego przemieszczania się, realizowania właściwego dla danego gatunku zachowania. Potrafi ufać tym,kt�rzy są bliscy i ważni.

Widok biegnącego po trawie lisa, kt�ry po raz pierwszy poczuł pod stopami coś innego niż druciana krata, lis�w łączących się w stada i uciekających razem z fermy, sprawia, że czujemy, że robimy dla nich coś dobrego. Nawet jeśli nie dożyją starości, chwila biegu z innymi lisami przez pole jest dla nich wydarzeniem życia. Momentem, kiedy mogą poczuć się wolne i spełnione. Na fermie zginęłyby smutne, zastraszone, samotne.

Zamierzamy ponawiać nasze działania. Na tej fermie, na innych, w całej Polsce.

Ty też możesz to zrobić. Weź sprawy w swoje ręce.
Jeśli nie Ty, to kto? Jeśli nie teraz, to kiedy?"


Polski Zwiazek Lowiecki

anonymous report (photos: Agencja Gazeta /

"3.11.2011 - Poland
The day of St Hubertus (saint patron of hunters) was celebrated by devastation of office buildings of Polish Hunting Association in Olsztyn. The estimated cost of renovation is around 10 000$."

Polski Zwiazek Lowiecki


anonymous report:

"In Poland there is a circus named Korona that enslaves about 60 non- human animals. Some of the tires in cars owned by the circus were destroyed."

April 27, 2009 -- Circus Tarp Destroyed

anonymous report:

"april 16, 2009 Poland.
alf activists stole and burnt 120 meters of tarpaulin - property
of polish circus 'Korona'"

February 12, 2009 -- Vacationing ALF Visit HLS Customers

received anonymously:

"In the night of 5 on 6 February 2009, we from ALF Poland gave two customers from HLS some red color on their building.

Inside HLS animals are being tortured and killed in useless experiments.

Astellas in Meppel (NL) and Schering-Plough in Houten (NL) have been targeted. This time it was only some red paint. Next time we won't be so friendly if you don't cut your ties with HLS immediately.

This action is dedicated to the SHAC prisoners in the UK and USA and to all other prisoners.

ALF Poland"


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