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March 18, 2018 - PIG FARM TARGETED

anonymous report:

"March 17, 2018

On the 17th of March, a message that says 'INNOCENT BEINGS SUFFER AND DIE HERE!' was spray-painted on the front gate of an unidentified pig farm in the Philippines that has been existing for years now. Local residents refuse to do something or at least complain despite the unnecessary senseless killings and the dreadful smell that scatters all across the villages every single day.

The fight for Animal Liberation continues!"

January 1, 2018 - BABY BIRDS RESCUED

received anonymously:
"December 30, 2017
4 baby chicks liberated from a dirty and rusty cage at poultry keeper's property. They are now under the care of compassionate hearts and will not be raised for human consumption ever again."


reported by activists in the Philippines:

"27 February 2013 the cage of grass owl in the small zoo on Boracay,
Philippines, was opened in the middle of the day while the zoo was
working and security was present in a couple dozens meters from the
spot. Due to that activists didn't have a chance to neither free other
animals, nor to make a nice video during the process of unlocking the

'The action was administered by Flying Apes Clan (FAC), AR group, that
does undercover and direct action works internationally, mainly in
South Eastern Asia', says the text of the message.

The small zoo situated on Mountain Luho, the highest and most popular
viewpoint in Boracay, provides horrible conditions to animals. Cages
are narrow and dirty, people visiting the place use flash when they
make photos, pointing cameras into animals' faces, some animals are
already depressed ultimately - for example, wild cat eats its own tale

'For those who suppose that these were the first direct actions of AR
activists on the island, it will be interesting to know that last year
a giant crab was stolen from the restaurant on the beach of Boracay by
FAC. After his claws were released from plastic ropes which are used
to make crabs helpless, he (or she) was put to the sea and went away
slowly moving in crystal clean waters. We never saw greater picture',
- adds FAC. 'These corpses and alive animals waiting for their
miserable death can be seen on the beach day after day - in front of
thousands of people passing by, including children'.

In 2012 FAC also saved and released 7 fishes from fishermen on the
beach of Phangan island in Thailand and opened two cages with exotic
birds on the territory of Antonio Blanco Museum in Ubud (Bali,

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