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Peruvian Lecture Series

For anyone likely to be in Peru in the next fortnight, I'll be giving a series of presentations focusing on humane teaching methods within life and health sciences education, but also covering animal experimentation and alternatives, veterinary medicine as an animal advocacy career path, the animal welfare standards of veterinarians, vegetarian companion animal diets, the contribution of the livestock sector to climate change, and Animals Count (a British political party for people and animals). The main dates will be in Lima, including a conference for animal advocates on 22 Aug. and amore academic Humane Education and Animal Welfare Conference from 23 - 25 Aug. However there will be some other presentations around these dates at several universities elsewhere in Peru. Spanish translation will be available at all events.

Information in Spanish, and posters for each event, are at:

Advocacy conference 

Humane Education and Animal Welfare Conference

This lecture series has been organised by the Peruvian animal advocacy organisation Unidos por los Animales with assistance from other organisations internationally. We’ll also be displaying and demonstrating some clinical and surgical skills mannequins and other educational alternatives from some of the InterNICHE alternatives libraries.

I’d be grateful if you could forward this to any South American colleagues. Thank you!



- European Veterinary Specialist in Welfare Science, Ethics and Law

- Fellow, Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics

- Spokesperson, Animals Count: a UK political party for people and animals

- Director, Animal Consultants International

-- author: The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experiments, Palgrave Macillan 2011 --

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