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The Cry of Pakistani Animals

A report written by Khalid Mahmood Qurashi, President Animal Save Movement Pakistan

In Pakistan even human beings are not rewarded with fundamental rights but the conditions of animals are worse and absolutely miserable. They are treated cruelly, mercilessly. They are being hunted so ruthlessly that many species are disappearing from the surface of earth.

Birds and other are being killed without any restraint. Not only hunters are involved in this heinous crime but even persons and organizations whose sole aim and duty is to protect and save animals. The wild life saving department, forest department and certain rulers are also indulging in the ongoing destruction.

Many bankers, industrialists and politicians are involved. They are like brokers, calling Arabian princes to come, hunt and even exterminate rare species of birds and animals from different regions.

Biodiversity is coming to an end in Pakistan

How can an animal be protected and saved in country, where a former Prime Minister (Mian Nawaz Sharif) liked to have "SIRI PAIS" (feet and heads of cows and goats, testicles and kidneys) for breakfast; hens, partridges and quails for lunch; and roasted sparrows for dinner?

Also the country's former president (Farooq Khan Leghari) is in a craze of hunting hundreds of birds, partridges and quails etc.

How can the future of the animals be safe in a country where a politician, who considers himself the future Prime Minister, hunts water-fowls, quails etc. and rare species of birds?

Higher authorities, "Chaudhry�s, Sardars, Numberdars and Zamindars", are all indulging in animals fights among dogs, bears, camels, bulls and birds.

The condition of water creatures is also not good. Fish, tortoises and other sea creatures are also perishing.
Even when illegal hunters and killers are caught, they remain scot-free.

The law is not strict in this matter. So what can be done for the safety, survival and protection of animals in a country without any control of hunting, either with legal or illegal weapons?

It is very astonishing that it has been legislated in the P.P.C. "PAKISTAN PENAL CODE" under section 377 that the punishment for unnatural offence of sexual intercourse with animals is only two years, it is just because that it is immoral act of offence, not because the person raped the animals. In section 429 P.P.C., the punishment to kill or to paralyze or disable an animal has no ethical basis but is only based on the loss for the owner of the animals.

But it has been stated under the minor acts for "PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS ACT 1890" that to harm, to abandon, to beat, to overload, to keep too many animals in narrow and small places, to ride on weak and ailing animals, not to treat wounded animals is illegal. However, even though all these offences merely involve an insignificant punishment, the act is not enforced. Government authorities remain indifferent and the criminals remain scot-free.

In Pakistan acts of cruelty against animals can be committed without fear. Nobody will be held to account.

The causes of the dire situation of Pakistan�s animals

---The first and foremost cause is that no one pays any attention to this hot issue, instead it is considered as a trivial matter.

---The organizations responsible to save and protect animals, do not protect animals; they do not look after them properly. Instead they themselves hunt, capture and sell animals. Animals like elephants, lions, tigers, kangaroos, deer, zebras, wild pigs can only be found and seen in zoos. Because of slaughter, the number of animals like camels, buffalos, cows, goats, deer, rabbits, peacocks, cocks, quails, pigeons, sparrows, water fowls, pelicans, butterflies, partridge, red legged partridges, geese, doves is being reduced day by day.

---In the same way, rare animals and other small animals are also disappearing because they are sold like hot cakes, especially to Arabic princes who hunt with eagles, hawks, falcons etc.

---Some hunters are so cruel and greedy that they hunt not only with the help of nets and guns but also by poisoning animals.

---Often fishing is done through bomb blasts so that sea life is endangered and species are disappearing fast.

---Moreover, another cause is that the spray of agricultural chemicals on crops, gardens and agricultural areas. Many birds, honey bees and other animals meet their fate after eating dead worms, leaves and grass.

---Another reason is that the human population is growing and the habitats of animals are being destroyed.

---There are no hospitals in Pakistan for animals. Life saving drugs for animals are neither made nor imported.

---Many organizations in Pakistan are claiming to be the torch-bearer of human rights but there is not even one single organization fighting for animals. People and authorities are turning a deaf ear to cruelty. Government and other welfare organizations do not help to develop any feeling of mercy and compassion in the hearts of human beings. Animals are slaughtered and eaten as if they were no living creatures but just vegetables or fruits.

---No official organization and forest departments, no charity organization promote the protection of animals. There are no TV or radio documentaries, no articles are being written, no seminars are being held to develop compassion for animals.

There are so many regions of Pakistan, like Sindh, Baluchistan, Cholistan, where once biodiversity was rich but where today thousands and millions of animals and birds fall victim to uncontrolled hunting.

So the survival of wildlife in Pakistan remains one of the most burning issue of the day.

Autor: Khalid Mahmood Qurashi, correspondent of EVANA,Pakistan

Date/Datum: 2007-03-19

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