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We can get luxurious seat in Heaven

26 octobre 2012

How is it possible?


President, Animal Save Movement Pakistan

How is it possible to depress, harass or kill some living being and expect a
calming and soothing behavior in response to bring forth harmonious
environment all around.

What an amazing philosophy is promoted, that by slaughtering dump and
helpless forefathers of ourselves, we are assumed of booking a luxurious
seat in heaven.

Let us be realistic to pay for our own sins and faults by sacrificing our
own interests luxuries and tastes all those who have not , even the
fundament needs to be fulfilled.

Moreover depending entirely on this religious obligation for eternal peace,
is insufficient vide the complete code of ethics as per illustration of the
Holy books.

Let us honor the live and let live principle for all those who are closely
associated with the human being and shekel the boundaries strongly built by
all those religious institutions responsible for the promotion of illogical
ceremonial and customary practices in grandeur fashion .

It is not ridiculous to learn from the Animal world, which is not hoarding,
not much greedy, does not kill or harass the weaker ones. Just to show their
authority, but are content with their basic need of food, shelter and
security, reproduction and thus are faithful to the nature by maintaining
the harmonious atmosphere as bestowal by the universe.

It is worth emphasizing that movement for healthy behavior and positive
response may be aroused as per the demands of ethics which is above all the
regulations of the supernatural philosophy promoters suitable for specific
groups only.

In the end to add further, which is directly related to the ISLAM?

MUSLIM slaughters the animals to follow the sacrifice of Hazrat Ibrahim. On
the occasion of 10th Zilhajj (26th Oct, 2012) in Islamic calendar the last
month, millions cows, oxen, camels ,goats and sheep are slaughtered at the
same Day of Eid-ul-Azha after the day of Hajj in the United Kingdom of
Saudia Arabia.

There are 56 Muslim countries in the world and by the rising of moon of 10th
Zilhajj billions of cattle are slaughtered at the same day.

No doubt it is a religious custom or tradition. Yet it is a cruel act and
atrocity of helpless, speechless faithful & innocent creature.

It is the age of computer. We are living in 21st century. Which is against
the nature? ANIMAL SAVE MOVEMENT PAKISTAN requests the Islamic scholars may think with very cool minded and a new decision (Ijtihad) will be there , that no Muslim shall slaughtered the animals on the Eid-ul-Azha . The saved amount may be given to needy poor and miserable people.

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