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Construction of Veterinary Hospital at Multan

15 November 2012

Construction of Veterinary Hospital at MULTAN

Multan. Mr. Khalid Mahmood Qurashi President , Animal Save Movement Pakistan meeting with Mr. Ghulam Ahemd Biloor federal minister for Railway and Mr. Malik Ali Ahmed Olakh provincial minister for live stock at different occasions .

Mr. Qurashi said, to federal and provincial ministers against the brutal decision of the Punjab Gov't. to disband the only veterinary Hospital in Multan was established during the British regime in 1856 was demolished by the order of Punjab Gov't. and order to construct a commercial plaza. Now sick animals and birds are in the worst physical condition. Their owners are worried about them, which have been of no use to the animals and their friends and owners until now, Mr. Qurashi said in spite of Animal Save Movement Pakistan peaceful demonstrations the authorities are not moved at all . Mr. Khalid Mahmood Qurashi said Animal Save Movement Pakistan has a long history for the welfare and betterment of animals and for the well-being of animals. we plan to continue our work for a veterinary hospital which is absolutely welfare and preservation of animals. Mr. Qurashi said, we should love animals as they are our companions and our loving friends . He said the western people also take care of animals and that's why they are advanced and developed in this field . Mr. Qurashi requested the media to play role in creating awareness among people to love animals . Animals are an important part of our society and their care is our duty. He said that we should create awareness among people about the importance of species of animals and birds by organizing ceremonies so that steps could be taken. Mr. Qurashi said, "we should also create awareness among people for the protection of animals around us and especially WILD and SEA-lives". The federal and provincial ministers appreciated our concern for animals and promised to encourage us by allocating some land for the purpose of veterinary hospital from federal or provincial area .

General secretary , ASMP

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