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Actions Reported to Biteback - 2015
Actions Reported to Biteback - 2009 - 2014
Actions Reported to Biteback - 2008
Actions Reported to Biteback - 2007


VIDEO inside BPRC in The Netherlands - July 2015

Exterminator enrages animal rights activists - June 2015

Mass Demonstration against Romanian Dog Killings - Nov 2014

Red de pups - Sept 2014

Cruelty at Dierenhandel Hoogendoorn - November 2013

Film about Dutch animals rights party - June 2013

Netherlands protest beagle shelters for vivisection - May 2013

Dolfinarium protest April 2013 in the Netherlands - April 2013

CAV-activists rescue 6 beagles from vivisection breeder - April 2013

Animal rights MPs refuse loyalty oath to the new king - March 2013

Netherlands Bans Fur Production by 2024 - December 2012

Dutch Manage Birds' Freedom - August 2012

The Party for the Animals - August 2012

Dutch People Have "Right to ask" - July 2012

Are dead animal displays a good way to discourage animal cruelty? - January 2012

AR campaigners film 'shocking' conditions at rabbit farms - Dec 2011

Dutch Restrict Maximum Building Size for Poultry Houses - Dec 2011

Dutch govt orders whale transfer to Spanish zoo - October 2011

Dutch court blocks transfer of killer whale with SeaWorld ties - August 2011

Dutch vote to ban religious slaughter of animals - June 2011

Netherlands ban ritual slaughter? - April 2011

Dutch ritual slaughter ban a step closer

Dutch Introduce 500 Animal Rights Police - Feb 2011

Dutch Professors Join Forces Against Factory Farming - Jan 2010

Freedom of Religion Stops Where Animal Suffering Begins - Nov 2010

Vegan streaker jailed for freeing mink - July 2010

Denmark Fur-iously Attacking Israel for the Anti-Fur - July 2010

Rotterdam whale meat blockade - March 2010

Cardboard Invasion Baffles Copenhagen Locals - October 2009

AR Party Claims Additional Seat - October 2009

Danish mink farmers demand interdiction of TV documentary - October 2009

ARA Arrested for Allegedly Planning to Protest Fur - July 2009

Did ALF-infiltrant work for the pharmaceutical industry? March 2009

Huis en auto beklad met "ALF was here" en "puppykiller"
In het Oost-Vlaamse Eksaarde en Laarne zijn vandaag beschadigingen vastgesteld aan een woning en een wagen, waarbij telkens verwijzingen gemaakt werden naar het ALF (de dierenrechtenorganisatie Animal Liberation Front). Het parket van Dendermonde is gestart met een opsporingsonderzoek.

De vandalen hebben in Eksaarde bij Lokeren een huis beklad met zwarte verf, met onder meer de opschriften "ALF was here", "puppykiller" en "Boom next time". In Laarne werd een wagen beklad en overgoten met zuur, eveneens met verwijzingen naar "ALF". Er is nog geen spoor naar de daders, zegt het parket. (belga/mvdb)

Animal rights activists release 2,500 mink - March 2009

Activists Nia, Anne

Animal Welfare Group Stops Veal by Making Public Aware - March 2009

Dutch Deal With ARAs - February 2009

The Animal Rights Party - January, 2009

ARAs will be targeted by police and more - December 2008

ARAs Target Euronext Amsterdam - November 2008

'Racing To Death' Recorded in Dutch Alternative News Blog gives news you doesn't find on our corrupted brainwashed television. The news blog is for human and animal rights and against the fascism of Bush and his Skull and Bones comrades.  (geen flauwekul means "No Nonsense"). The site is in Dutch, but you can find a lot of English video's in the section "video's".

Car fires linked to animal rights activists - November 2008

Dutch initiative seeks TV channel for pets - October 2008

Demonstration October 4, 2008

Seal Demo in Brussels, July 1 2008

Amsterdam Festival June 2009

A bit of this, a bit of that - Jan 08

Protection for Venray mayor after threats from ARAs - January 2008

Developer quits after animal activist threat - January 2008

Study Links Animal Agriculture to MRSA Infections - December 2007

5000 Minks Freed in Western Denmark - October 2007

Amsterdam's Coffeeshops Opt for Happy Hens - October 2007

'Goose Whisperer' bonds with park birds - July 2007

ARA 2007 Update - July 2007

World's First AR Senator Inaugurated in Dutch Senate - June 2007

Netherlands Bans the Import of Seal Products - May 2007

Vet Fined for Calling ARAs "Terrorists" - May 2007

Dutch Protest - January 2007. Protest in Groning about a dog called Cooky.

Political Party for the Animals - a world first!
     Political Party For Animals Not a Fad - December 2006

Supermarket chain under fire - October 2006

Butcher Shop -- October 2006

Amsterdam 05 -- Protest November 5, 2005 for Barry.

Holland -- 33 CHICKENS SAVED.

Dutch ALF -- A press-release by an A.L.F. group in the Netherlands (2000), explaining their motives and tactics and is a personal view and may not represent all those who participate in ALF type actions.

A group of brave women in the Netherlands saves horses from drowning...Turn up the volume for the beautiful Carmina Burana! com/watch? v=i6vSvOw- 4U4

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