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received anonymously:

"Not trying to save the world
Just trying to do our part"

Direct action is not about blogging or begging the media to pay
attention. Your corporate-driven newspapers, tv-reports and talkshows
can't be trusted. We hate all blah blah, so we simply act.

On Sunday the 16th of november another -and particularly evil- hunting
field, located near the 'Autena Ecoduct' (highway crossover for wild
animals) was put out of use. This 'ecoduct' operates as a bottleneck: to
survive in this heavily urbanized area, the animals can only reach other
feeding-areas by passing the crossover.

The hunting field, directly adjacent to one end of the Autena Ecoduct,
is managed by SBB ('Dutch national forest and wildlife management') and
divided into dense, rough vegetated squares, each one separated from the
other by water channels and 6 meters open space at their sides (if the
animals are driven in one direction this is the only possible escape).

In one corner of the middle square area stood a hunting tower,
overlooking six sides of the surrounding squares, with a pole and salt
stone some twenty meters away to lure animals in their need for
minerals. The salt stone went swimming, its pole was cut in half and
thrown away. The frame of the hunting tower was cut into pieces, and the
whole construction also ended up in the water, upside down and skewed.

In solidarity with Vegan Streaker Group, who joined the protest in Spain
against El Toro Jubilo on the 15th this weekend.

Stop bullfighting! Stop the hunt! Total Liberation!"


received anonymously:

"What could be more peaceful than actively defending life?

One November morning, a hunting tower and a smaller hunter's cabin were
sabotaged, and a hunter's seat was pulled down. The toppled seat
couldn't be photographed, because it stood too close to a farm. Anyway,
later that morning another steel hunter's seat mysteriously
disappeared :)

We'd like our small action to be a tribute to Remi Fraisse, who was
killed by the police on 2014/10/26, while defending the forest and its
inhabitants. May you Rest In Power.

Until the next one,


anonymous submission:

"Next to a farm and located on opposite sides of a field, stood these two
hunting towers: one of 5 m. and one of 7 m. high.

Because of human activity in and around the area there was little time
to reach the place and work. However, the sab succeeded: both objects
are rendered useless and especially the largest one turned into a ruin
by the speed at which it hit the ground.

The disabling of prize shooting on poor animals on this field in
combination with the economic damage to the hunters make well up for the
traveling and risk of getting caught.

For those who feel powerless against any kind of legalised exploitation
-take the power back. Fight for who/what you love."

"Anonieme inzending-
Naast een boerderij/woonhuis, aan weerszijden van een veld stonden deze
twee ‘luxe’ jachttorens, één van 5 m. en één van 7 m. hoog.

Door de menselijke activiteit in en rond het gebied was er weinig tijd
om de plaats te bereiken en te werken. Het kattenkwaad is evenwel
geslaagd: beide objecten zijn onbruikbaar geworden, en vooral de
grootste hut is door de snelheid waarmee het de grond raakte veranderd
in een ruïne.

Het onmogelijk maken van prijsschieten op kansloze dieren op deze plek
in combinatie met de economische schade voor de jagers maken het reizen
en het risico meer dan goed.

Voor wie zich machteloos voelt tegenover welk soort gelegaliseerde
uitbuiting dan ook -pak de macht terug. Vecht voor wie/wat je liefhebt."


received anonymously:

"From a hunter's barn, the canopy and the bench were demolished and a
number of planks pulled off of the outer wall. In addition the interior
was smeared with red paint, as a symbol for the bloodshed by the sadists
who shot animals from this building, after continuous feeding by means
of a feeder (see video).
In the same area a hunter's seat was pulled down and fully disassembled.
From a camouflaged hunting tower all poles, a cross connection and the
ladder were sawn through, after which the object was also subjected to
gravity. At all three locations numerous fresh tracks were found of wild
boar rooting, due to feeding them with corn by the hunters. Now silence
returned to these three locations.

In solidarity with those who truly act for the freedom of animals,
people and nature.

-De Boskabouters"

"Van een jachtschuur werden het afdak en de zitbank gesloopt en een
aantal planken van de buitenmuur losgetrokken. Daarnaast is het
interieur met rode verf besmeurd, als symbool voor het bloedvergieten
door de sadisten die vanuit dit gebouw dieren afknalden na continu
bijvoeren d.m.v. een voederautomaat (zie video).
In hetzelfde bos werd een hoogzit omgehaald en volledig gedemonteerd en
van een gecamoufleerde jachttoren alle palen, een dwarsverbinding en de
ladder doorgezaagd, waarna ook deze aan de zwaartekracht onderworpen
werd. Op alle drie locaties werden talrijke verse wroetsporen van wilde
zwijnen aangetroffen als gevolg van het bijvoeren met maïs door de
jagers. Nu heerst er weer echte stilte.

In solidariteit met iedereen die daadwerkelijk strijd voert voor de
vrijheid van dieren, mensen en de natuur.

-De Boskabouters"


reported anonymously:

"Inactivated: two hunting cabins and a cage trap in nature reserve 'De
Maashorst' (NL)

Two hunting towers and a cage trap were visited by hunt saboteurs one
early morning. From both hunting towers, all pillars on which the cabins
rest were sawn through. Both these objects were located on the edge of a
feeding field. On these kind of small fields corn is planted to lure
the animals in front of the hunting objects and shoot them. One of the
hunting cabins also stood on the edge of a small lake, and was pushed
downwards so that it ended up in the water.

Camouflage nets were removed from the cage trap, and were disposed off
elsewhere, as well as the pin of the trap mechanism. This was cut into
pieces so that the trap door no longer functions. The trap itself was
left on its side. Geese are put inside these cage traps (with iron wire
around their heads to keep them upright) in order to catch foxes.

We will continue to expose and combat bloodsports!"

"Onklaar gemaakt: twee jachthutten en een vangkooi in natuurgebied De

Twee forse jachttorens en een vangkooi zijn op een vroege ochtend
bezocht door jachtsaboteurs. Van de jachttorens zijn alle pijlers waarop
de hutten rustten doorgezaagd. Beide objecten stonden aan de rand van
een voerakker (mais). De mais wordt geplant om de dieren uit
natuurgebied De Maashorst te lokken en af te knallen. Eén van de
jachthutten stond tevens aan de rand van een meertje en is omgehaald
zodat deze in het water belandde.

Van de vangkooi zijn de camouflagenetten verwijderd en spoorloos
verdwenen, alsook de pin van het valmechanisme. Deze is in stukken
geknipt zodat de valdeur niet meer functioneert. De vangkooi zelf bleef
op z’n kant achter. In de vangkooi worden ganzen gezet (met ijzerdraad
om de kop om hem rechtop te houden) om o.a. vossen te vangen.

Kattenkwaad gaat door! Geen rust voor onderdrukkers!"


reported on Indymedia NL (photo: De Gooi-en Eemlander):

"Afgelopen nacht (12 op 13 juli) heeft aktiegroep 'The Visitors' de huizen van Hans Duijst (Nieuw-Loosdrechtsedijk 47 in Loosdrecht), managing director van G4S West-Europa, en Erik Swelheim (Haringvlietstraat 37 in Amsterdam) voorzien van leuzen en verf. Zie onderstaande verklaring.

Slogans and paint at homes directors G4S and KLM

Last night (12 to 13 July) we, 'The Visitors' spray painted slogans and threw paint at the homes of Hans Duijst (Nieuw-Loosdrechtsedijk 47 in Loosdrecht), managing director of G4S West Europe, and Erik Swelheim (Haringvlietstraat 37 in Amsterdam), CFO of KLM.

We reject the role G4S plays in the detention and deportation of migrants in several countries. In The Netherlands this role is almost ended, because of cuts in government budgets. However, in other countries, including the UK and Australia, G4S still is responsible for running immigrant prisons and/or deportations. Just at the end of last May G4S guards in an Australian offshore detention centre in Papua New Guinea attacked imprisoned migrants, killing one of them.
We also despise G4S because of its part in the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and because of the providing of security services and equipment to Israeli prisons, checkpoints, the Apartheid Wall and the Israeli military and police.

We hold KLM responsible for its complicity in the deportations of migrants, which happen on a very regular basis. The company claims it just does what the government wants, but that's no excuse. KLM has been asked for years and years to end this, but refuses to show any signs of humane and ethical behaviour. We refuse to keep on just asking.
We also despise KLM because of its transportation of monkeys that have been torn apart from their natural habitats to vivisection laboratories and because of its contributions to pollution and climate change.

We'll keep on fighting for a world without borders and an end to the capitalist system that ruins the world and keeps billions of people in the grip of poverty, hunger, war, oppression and exploitation.

No borders, no nations! - Viva la anarchia!"


reported anonymously:

"'Wildwissels' are narrow forest paths, along which wild boars and deer
move in search for food and water. Under the guise of the vulnerability
and need for resting areas of wild animals, these paths are off-limits
for people.

However, at the end of one such forest paths is a 9m. high hunting
tower. To secure achieving real rest for the animals, this object was
recently damaged beyond repair. From three of the four pillars barbed
wire -attached to the thick poles against cutting- was cut loose, to
make room for saw blades. These three pillars and all lower cross
connections were cut loose, after which the stairs and the complete
hunting tower was pulled out of balance. The tower is now very unstable
skewed, resting on one pillar. With these adjustments this hunting tower
became unusable and irreparable."

"Wildwissels zijn smalle paden in het bos waarlangs onder andere
everzwijnen en herten zich verplaatsen op zoek naar voedsel en water.
Vanwege de kwetsbaarheid en behoefte aan rust van het wild geldt er op
deze bospaadjes een toegangsverbod voor mensen.

Echter, achter één van deze wildwissels staat een kolossale 9m. hoge
jachttoren. Om écht rust te brengen voor het wild werd dit object
onlangs onklaar gemaakt. Het prikkeldraad -over de lengte van de pijlers
aangebracht tegen doorzagen- werd bij drie van de vier pijlers
losgeknipt om ruimte te maken voor de zaagbladen. Deze drie pijlers en
alle onderste dwarsverbindingen werden doorgezaagd, waarna de trap
omhoog en de complete jachttoren uit z’n verband is getrokken. Het
gevaarte hangt nu zeer onstabiel scheef aan één pijler. Met deze
aanpassingen is de jachttoren onbruikbaar en onherstelbaar geworden."


reported anonymously:

"'Hunting towers are monuments to the murder of animals. Sabotage is an
act of radical goodness.'

During overnight storms, in a protected forest area for large wild
animals (!), this hunting cabin was sabbed. The lock of the entrance
gate was cut loose, the camouflage nets to the fence-- keeping the
building hidden from view-- were also removed. The lock to the door of
the hut was cut. Furthermore, the poles on which the construction rested
as well as the stairs up to the door were cut loose.

This hunter's seat was located on the edge of a 'sports' field with a
feeder, water bowls and a manger. The chain with which it was attached
to the tree was cut down, and the hunter's seat was pulled down and
damaged to prevent further use."


reported anonymously:

"On a voluntary basis, modern forest management provides ever more in the
needs of the forest and its natural residents by drastically cutting down
misplaced buildings (hunting cabins for example). Just like in regular
forestry the selected objects are being marked with chalk.
Despite the hunt being in full swing on this estate, this object was also
subjected to these new insights. As we get the hang of it, we keep the
ultimately inevitable felling of the object for its users.
Let nature be wild again! Wanna participate? Go outside with your sharpest
saw and become a volunteer!"

"Op vrijwillige basis voorziet het moderne bosbeheer steeds meer in de
behoefte van het bos en haar natuurlijke bewoners door drastisch te kappen
in misplaatste bebouwing (jachthutten bijvoorbeeld). De geselecteerde te
kappen objecten worden net als in de reguliere bosbouw met krijt
Ondanks dat even verderop op dit landgoed de jacht in volle gang was werd
ook dit object onderworpen aan deze nieuwe inzichten. Zoals we de smaak te
pakken krijgen bewaren we het uiteindelijk onvermijdelijke omvallen van
het object voor de gebruikers.
Laat de natuur weer verwilderen! Ook iets voor jou? Trek erop uit met je
scherpste zaag en word vrijwilliger!"


reported anonymously:

"During a night and early morning under a full moon, two hunter's seats
were destroyed.

The wooden seat was sawn into pieces. All nuts were removed from another
hunting cabin on legs, trusting that at next use gravity will do its work.
As long as the animals are threatened in their existence there will be
folks who will stand up for them with direct actions and fair hand tools.
Join in and demolish the killing machine!"

"Tijdens een nacht en vroege ochtend onder een volle maan werden twee
hoogzitten onklaar gemaakt. De houten hoogzit werd in stukken gezaagd. Van
een jachthut op poten werden alle moeren verwijderd, in vertrouwen dat bij
volgend gebruik de zwaartekracht z'n werk zal doen.
Zolang de dieren bedreigd worden in hun bestaan zullen er mensen zijn die
het met directe daden en eerlijk handgereedschap voor ze opnemen. Doe mee
en sloop de moordmachine!"


On March 21, 269Life Netherlands activists painted slogans and splattered red paint on the walls of a slaughterhouse. Click here for more photos.


reported by 269lifeNetherlands:

"269life Netherlands activists liberated 23 boiler chickens. They have now a free home where they can breath fresh air, enjoy the sunlight and feel grass.

Choose compassion! Free269!"


reported by Anti Vivisection Coalition (click here for additional photos from the rescue):

"On the night of tuesday 9th of april, 5 CAV-activists entered the breeding facility of Jan Rutten, Beerschemaasweg 45 in Escharen (phonenumber: 0031/486472127). This guy breeds beagle dogs for vivisection labs. He told the press that he wasn't bothered by the suffering of these animals. The 5 activists entered the building and took 6 dogs with them and placed them with loving people. Thanks to the brave activists these dogs will live a happy life without pain and fear! Liberation not experimentation!

The 5 activists have nothing to be ashamed of, and to put vivisection in the media went to the police to give themselves up. They are in custody right now, but will probably released after hearings, awaiting their trial.

Prison doesn't scare us, that's nothing in comparison what al those animals butchered and abused every single day! No, we will never close our eyes! No, we will never shut up! For us it's about the animals! The only thing to fear is fear itself!"


reported on Indymedia NL (translation):

To prevent hunters from killing animals from their hunting towers, people of the Animal Liberation Front took down three hunting towers in and around Borger.

The hunting towers were located in the province 'Drenthe' and got attacked in November. On several parts of the tower 'Stop killing animals' and 'ALF' got written with red paint.

The crowbars and hunt sabs won't rest until the last hunting tower is taken down.

Freedom for the animals!
Animal Liberation now!"

"De hunt saboteurs van het Dieren Bevrijdings Front hebben in en om Borger drie jachthutten tot de grond toe gelijk gemaakt!

Om te voorkomen dat hartenloze jagers vanuit hun hutten dieren vermoorden.

De desbetreffende hutten stonden in de provincie Drenthe en zijn in novermber aangevallen, op enkele delen van de hut werd met bloedrode verf geschreven: 'Stop killing animals' en de letters ALF.

De breekijzers van de huntsaboteurs zullen niet eerder rusten voordat de laatste jachthut/hoogzit vernietigd is.

Freedom for the animals!
Animal Liberation now!"


anonymous report (translation):

"Netherlands, October 2011

In the night of 6 - 7 October the Animal Liberation Front forced their way in to a battery farm in the Netherlands. We rescued 52 chickens from this hell for animals. These beautiful chickens have been re-homed in a new home where a wonderful new life will be waiting for them.
We will never accept that innocent lives are being oppressed. Millions of animals are being exploited daily by industrial companies for the unnecessary luxury of the human kind. We choose for the direct liberation of these chickens to give them a chance of a better life and to show that these individuals live in a nightmare every single day.

You are the one who can make the difference!
Go vegan!

Until all are free.
Animal Liberation Front"

"Nederland, oktober 2011

In de nacht van 6 op 7 oktober is het Dieren Bevrijdings Front binnen gedrongen bij een legbatterij in Nederland. We hebben 52 kippen bevrijd uit deze hel voor dieren. Deze prachtige kippen zijn ondergebracht in een nieuw tehuis waar ze een prachtig leven te wachten staat.
We zullen nooit accepteren dat onschuldige levens onderdrukt worden. Industri�le bedrijven onderdrukken dagelijks miljoenen dieren voor onnodige luxe van de mens. Wij hebben gekozen voor de directe bevrijding van deze kippen om ze een kans te geven op een beter leven en aan te tonen dat dit individuen zijn die elke dag in een nachtmerrie leven.

Jij bent degene die een verschil kunt maken!
Go vegan!

Until all are free,
Dieren Bevrijdings Front"


received anonymously:

"In the night of 7 on 8 of september, we went out to the golf club which is hosting the prestigious KLM open golf tournament. As soon as we arrived we started digging up the putts. After totally destroying four greens and removing the putts we thought it was a good first lesson for KLM. KLM if you think you can get away with flying thousands and thousands of animals to laboratories worldwide you thought wrong. We will be wherever you go and wherever you think you can put your name up. This was just a small message to you, you are the one with the choice, do you want to let this escalate or get out of your filthy business."

Note: Air France-KLM is the world's largest carrier of primates and other animals for biomedical research.


anonymous report:

"on the night of Sunday to Monday a group of comrades sabotage 2 fur shops
and a petrol station in Amsterdam .. the fur shop got damaged by breaking
the windows and sending smoke bombs inside (ALF) and the other action
was made by ELF sabotaging a petrol station in solidarity with the
comrades of Bologna
we will not stop until everyone is free



anonymous communique:

July 22d 2010, Scheveningen, The Netherlands.

The breakwater piers at Scheveningen harbour are famous sport fishing spots.
Here, the fat of the land fill their days with torturing innocent animals for pleasure.
Those people should get a job.

But now they're doing their sick business among texts like "sport fisherman - animal torturers!" and "fish feel pain!", which have been painted on the street at the end of the breakwater piers, along with an A.L.F-sign.

Now your children, which you introduce into your cruel "hobby", will not only ask "doesn't that hurt the fish?", but also: "Why are they writing that we're animal torturers?"

And think of all the tourists, who now can see you killing and torturing animals among those texts...
So many, you can view them here:

At the other side of Scheveningen harbour, at the Dr. Lelykade 68, there is sport fishing shop "Albatros".
This redneck makes his money selling torture tools.
In the shop window, you can see pictures of the owner of the store, posing proudly with the innocent animals he has tortured and killed.
What more proof of animal cruelty do you need?

Therefore, the lock of his main entrance was glued.

This act of love and compassion was done to give a voice, to those who cannot speak for themselves.

"Mitleid ist die hochste Form der Liebe - vielleicht die Liebe selbst"
Heinrich Heine

"Right in the night you'll find, that if you wanna fall in love, you'll fall in love..."
Nosie Katzmann

Fish Liberation Front."

October 10, 2009 - TWO FUR FARM RAIDS IN 3 DAYS, 10,000 MINK FREED

Media in Denmark have reported that more than 10,000 mink were released from cages at Danish fur farms this week. During the night of October 6, 6000 mink escaped from a farm near S�ndervig after cages were opened and fences surrounding the property were destroyed. Then, early on October 9, 5000 mink were freed from cages at a farm in Fousing.
(photo: Morten Melhede /

July 20, 2009 -- 40 Hens Liberated

received anonymously:

"During the night of May 11-12 we liberated 40 hens from battery cages. In this small barn in every cage there were three or four chickens piled on each other. Some chickens where totally bald on their neck. They struggled to get more air and space.
After a year of laying eggs, the chickens will be killed because they don't make enough money anymore for the farmer.
But those chickens who we have liberated shall live for years in freedom. We have filmed the condition of the chickens in this farm. Next to this barn there was another barn with "broiler" chickens. These chickens raised for meat were all bald and couldn't stand up on their legs anymore. It was difficult to leave so many animals behind at such a disgusting place.

We will continue until all animals, human and non-human, can live in freedom.


"In de nacht van 11 op 12 mei hebben we 40 kippen bevrijd uit een legbatterij.
In de benauwde stal zaten in ieder hok drie of vier kippen over elkaar heen.
Sommige kippen waren kaal bij hun nek. Ze probeerden de hele tijd meer lucht te krijgen en meer ruimte.
Na een jaar eieren leggen, worden legkippen dood gemaakt, omdat ze niet genoeg geld meer opleveren voor de boer.
Maar de kippen die we bevrijd hebben zullen nog jaren kunnen leven in vrijheid.
We hebben gefilmd hoe de dieren zaten. Naast de legbatterij was een schuur met vleeskippen.
De vleeskippen waren kaal en zakten door hun pootjes. Veel waren ook al dood.
Het was moeilijk zoveel dieren achter te laten in een plek als dit.

We gaan door tot alle dieren, menselijk en niet-menselijk, in vrijheid leven.



June 15, 2009 -- Bomb Threat at Wageningen University

received anonymously (photos:,

"In the morning of June the 15th the ALF went back to the Wageningen university. For more than a year this university has been warned about their meaningless experiments on various animals and especially pigs (obesity research).

But the Wageningen university decided to do NOTHING and even sent the police after us! We are trying to help you!

So we painted the messages:
Danger Bomb, Warning Bomb and Stay Away. We also busted a window through which we supposedly gained entrance to plant a bomb. But we didn't and took off.

At 7.00 am this message was discovered and the police was called. They also called the Royal Army bomb squad. The building was evacuated and sealed up.

Media first reported that a strange package was found but later said nothing was found at all. But before they noticed it was just a hoax it was around three in the afternoon. This was very unfortunate because the university has an international congress on Food coming up tomorrow.

See how Annoying a bomb threat is? Now we ask of you: Make some REAL changes for the animals before the end of the month. Real changes not meaningless debates or commissions. Not because we scared you into it, But because it's THE RIGHT THING!.

We have better things to do than running around at night.


April 12, 2009 -- New Prisoner: Peter Janssen

Peter Janssen was arrested on April 7 on suspicion of involvement in a March 2009 fur farm raid. Please write Peter a letter of support at the address below. Letters also can be e-mailed to Peter at .

PI Noordsingel
Peter Janssen 5102880
Postbus 37066
3005 LB Rotterdam

April 10, 2009 -- 25 Windows Smashed at Wageningen Univ.

anonymous report:

"In the early morning of the 9th of april, about 25 windows at the
WAGENINGEN UNIVERSITY vivisector office building have been smashed.

The ALF here by claims these actions.

Info About The Wageningen University Actions:

After 3 small warnings by the ALF in the past months to raise the issue
and show we are who we say we are, the University of Wageningen
first tried to keep the actions a secret.
But when an independant journalist began writing about the actions
the university went to the media. The NOS Journaal, Netherlands
biggest news show, and a few national papers reported about the
actions. Censoring and twisting statements they tried to make
everything look like terrorism again. They even lied about the fact
that people were personaly threatened.
This all fitted right in the new media sensation of the Netherlands,
Eco-Terrorism. Just as in the US and the UK now the Netherlands
shows what a police-state she really is.

Some lies that were stated in the Nos-Journaal and ''n Vandaag Show:

-The Netherlands would be the new base for International Eco-Terrorism
(Stated by a man who falsely stated to work for the British police and
actually worked for the pharmaceutical-industry.)

-Legal animal rights groups who peacefully protest should no longer be
allowed to do so, and should also not be able to receive money from the
public. This is because these would be the same people as the ones who
go out at night for direct action.

-Animal testing would only be done when absolutely necessary.
(At the WAGENINGEN UNIVERSITY they cut open live pigs without
any pain-killers. Then they feed it a dessert-pudding and watch
how it makes its way through the stomach. Then they Murder the animals.)

These are just some of the lies they tell the public. So here a statement
from our personal cell:

-No animal, human or non-human, will ever be hurt by us.

-Anyone at the Wageningen University besides Vivisectors will NEVER be
attacked personally or have their personal belongings vandalised.

-NO ONE who took part in the actions in the past months has EVER
demonstrated or socialized with legal animal rights groups.

Animal Liberation Front."

April 7, 2009 -- More Broken Windows at McDonalds

anonymous report:

"In the morning of April the 6th the A.R.O.M.A (Animal Rights One Man Army) went out again. This time paying a third visit to the Mc-Donalds in Deventer (Netherlands).

Last time I smashed their Mc-Drive windows but later learned they had another one of these booths. This time i also smashed the second one by breaking seven windows. Also a glass door of the eating-zone was smashed.

Cause lets be honest people; The biggest disgrace in the world is that Mc-Donalds is allowed to put the word 'restaurant' above their entrance!

PS: On the other side of the city I smashed the windows and hood of an SUV-Like vehicle. This was at a car dealership since the A.R.O.M.A does not believe in damaging personal belongings. Any property of the State or Companies may be completely destroyed.


March 31, 2009 -- Windows Smashed at McDonalds

received anonymously:

"In the early morning of march the 30th the A.R.O.M.A (Animal Rights One Man Army) moved in on the MCDonalds in Deventer (Netherlands) again.

Since the Mc-Arson-Menu they ordered was not ready yet we delivered them a nice window smashing for starters. The main dish will be coming soon!

The windows that were smashed were also the MC-Drive window. This might seem like small-time damage but if you think about it; They now have to either cover up those windows to prevent cold from coming in and costumers getting angry. That way they can't use the MC-Drive until the windows are replaced. The only thing they can do is to not cover up the windows and turn up the heater which will cost them extra money as well.


March 28, 2009 -- Broken Windows at Dairy Industry Supplier

received anonymously:

"In the night between March the 26th and 27th the A.R.O.M.A (Animal Rights One Man Army) went out again.

This time a company that produces Cow Torturing Machines, also known as Milk-Machines. They are designed to suck out the milk and life of mother cows.

The A.R.O.M.A smashed 6 windows of their entrance hall.

The Only Milk A Human Shall Drink Comes From Their Own Moms!"

March 25, 2009 -- Hundreds of Mink Run Free

According to media reports, approximately 1,400 mink were released from a fur farm in Alslev during the night of March 24. Some of the mink have been spotted several miles away from the farm, and several hundred mink have so far escaped recapture.

March 22, 2009 -- Candy Trashing Spree

anonynmous report:

"On the 21st of March the A.R.O.M.A (Animal Rights One Man Army) went out to some big supermarkets in the Netherlands. (Different ones than last time)

This time the A.R.O.M.A went on a Candy Trashing Spree.
About sixty Mars/Snickers/Twix bars had their packaging cut open.
Also +- 100 bags of HARIBO* candy were ruined.
Haribo is the major sponsor for the Herman Renz Circus, which keeps wild animals for the amusement of idiots. They are also the biggest candy seller in the Netherlands.

If animals have to die for or because of CANDY! this world has gone too far."

*Haribo is no longer a sponsor of Circus Herman Renz

March 19, 2009 -- 2500 Mink Released from Cages at Fur Farm

reported on Animal Rights Media (translation):

"In the province of Zeeland is the quiet village Stavenisse. It looks like a peaceful town but just on the outside of Stavenisse is a mink farm called Walhout BV. This family company earns money by breeding about 30,000 mink a year and gassing them after 7 months for their fur.

The mink spend their entire lives on the farm in small wire cages. Hundreds sit in cramped sheds awaiting their death. The sheds are not much more than a roof, because the colder the mink are the thicker their fur is and that means more money for the breeder.

Last November, about 80% of the mink were gassed and skinned. The mink who were 'lucky' enough to live are used to create a new stock of mink. A mink has between 1 and 10 young per litter.

The DBF wants an end to this exploitation of animals and especially for an unnecessary luxury product like fur. We won't wait for a ban on mink farming because in The Hague they have debated for 10 years too long already. Not words but deeds; this is why we have taken it into our own hands.

During the night of Saturday 14th to Sunday, March 15th we went to Walhout BV. From previous visits to this filthy business, we knew exactly what we could and could not do about the (otherwise extremely useless) security. Once we were on the grounds we first destroyed all the breeding cards in 20 sheds and painted in big letters 'DBF is everywhere'. We found a ladder which was very useful for us to escape again over the fence. There was also an excavator which we took the keys from and cut all the cables. There were multiple nets to catch mink around the area which we also destroyed. Then it was time for the real job: Liberating the mink! We freed all the animals that we could and took 5 mink with us to be released somewhere else in a natural area. Before we left we cut holes in the fence to help the mink escape.

This will be a significant blow to the company for a mink is worth at least '90. The Rasmussen mink farm in Oude Molen was lucky this time, as the DBF left you alone. Let this be a warning; stop the breeding and murder of innocent animals! As long as the animals suffer we will not rest; you can make that ditch that you are making as wide as you want but it will never stop us!

Your choice to kill,
Our choice to liberate!

More news about this action will follow..."

*Media reported that approximately 2,500 were released from cages.

Original Dutch:
"In Zeeland ligt het rustige dorpje Stavenisse. Zo op het eerste gezicht lijkt er niks aan de hand maar aan de rand van Stavenisse ligt een bedrijf dat het daglicht niet kan verdragen, namelijk nertsenfokkerij Walhout BV. Dit familiebedrijf verdient geld door jaarlijks rond de 30.000 nertsen te fokken en na 7 maanden te vergassen voor hun pels.

De nertsen brengen hun hele leven op het bedrijf door in krappe kooien van gaas. Met honderden tegelijk zitten zij in schuren opeengepakt hun dood af te wachten. De schuren stellen niet veel meer voor dan een dak op wat palen, want hoe kouder de nertsen het hebben hoe dikker hun vacht word en dat betekend weer meer geld voor de fokker.

Afgelopen november zijn ongeveer 80% van de nertsen vergast en vervolgens gevilt. De nertsen die 'het geluk' hebben om te blijven leven worden gebruikt om weer een nieuwe lading nertsen op de wereld te zetten. E'n nerts krijgt tussen de 1 en 10 jongen per worp.

Het DBF wil een einde maken aan deze uitbuiting van dieren en al helemaal voor een overbodig luxe product zoals bont. Wij wachten niet op een nertsenfokverbod want daar zijn ze in Den Haag al 10 jaar te lang over aan het discuseren. Geen woorden maar daden vinden wij en daarom hebben we het heft in eigen handen genomen.

In de nacht van zaterdag 14 op zondag 15 maart zijn we naar Walhout BV gegaan. Door eerdere bezoekjes aan dit smerige bedrijf wisten we precies wat we wel en niet konden doen i.v.m. de (overigens ontzettend waardeloze) beveiliging. Zodra we op het terrein waren hebben we eerst in zo'n 20 schuren het complete systeem van fokkaarten vernield en een mooie leus aangebracht (DBF is overal). Vervolgens kwamen we een trap tegen en die kwam goed van pas om weer over de schutting heen te komen bij ons vertrek. Ook stond er een graafmachine waarvan we de sleutels hebben meegenomen en alle kabels die we maar zagen hebben we doorgesneden. Verspreid over het terrein stonden vangnetten die we onbruikbaar hebben achtergelaten. Daarna was het tijd voor het echte werk: Het bevrijden van de nertsen! We hebben alle dieren waar we bij konden komen bevrijd en 5 nertsen meegenomen om die vervolgens ergens anders in een natuurgebied vrij te laten. Voordat we weg gingen hebben we op verschillende plaatsen in de schutting gaten gemaakt waardoor de nertsen konden wegkomen.

Het bedrijf heeft een flinke klap gekregen want ''n nerts is minstens '90 waard. Nertsenfokkerij Rasmussen in Oude Molen heeft geluk gehad en is deze keer door het DBF met rust gelaten. Laat dit een waarschuwing zijn en stop met het fokken en vermoorden van onschuldige dieren! Zolang er dierenleed plaatsvind zullen wij niet rusten en je kunt die sloot die je aan het aanleggen bent nog zo breed maken maar dat zal ons nooit stoppen!

Jullie keuze om te doden
Onze keuze om te bevrijden!

Binnenkort volgt meer nieuws over deze actie..."

March 13, 2009 -- Windows At McDonalds Smashed to Pieces

received anonymously:

"In the early hours of march the 12th the A.R.O.M.A (Animal Rights One Man Army) went out to the mcDonalds in Deventer (Netherlands).

But once there, the A.R.O.M.A noticed several employees where still working,
at 4 in F*cking morning! What dedication to such a shit job.

A few minutes later after they had all left, moved in again smashing a front window into a thousand pieces.
After a few minutes and not one reaction from nobody, another window was smashed to shit.

A few minutes later the Vigilante Security entered the mc Donalds parking lot.
It was time for the A.R.O.M.A to bail.

CLOSE DOWN!! Next time we will deliver you a MAC-Arson Menu!"

March 12, 2009 -- From Hell to Warm Homes for 20 Rabbits

reported on Animal Rights Media (translation):

"In the night of Saturday 20th-Sunday 21st of February the Dieren Bevrijdings Front (DBF) liberated 20 young rabbits from a company earning money off the backs of defenseless animals. The rabbits have been re-homed with people who will treat them with love and they will live happy lives in freedom just like it should be.

The rabbits were in large numbers in a dark shed without any daylight coming in. The rabbits were kept in small wire cages, with eight rabbits in each. They had no space to stand up or to lay down in a normal way (if that would even be possible on a wire cage floor).

There was an overwhelming smell of urine and some of the rabbits had eaten each others fur due to stress and boredom. We also found a few dead rabbits (see photo) between the other rabbits.

The rabbits who will survive this hell will eventually die a cruel death in a slaughterhouse after 10 weeks.

The DBF will never accept this hidden animal cruelty and will keep on fighting for every animal that suffers for the cruel needs of humans.

A few facts about the suffering of rabbits raised for meat:

-Each year two million rabbits are killed for their meat which is mainly exported to France.

-The Netherlands has about 324,000 "meat" rabbits and 40,000 female rabbits used for breeding!

-The meat rabbits are slaughtered after 10 weeks; the female rabbits are killed after breeding for one year.

-The female rabbits give birth seven times a year, and 1 of 5 rabbits die early.

Dieren Bevrijdings Front

Note: We won't give the location where we went so we will be able to return and continue liberating animals."

Original Dutch communique:
"In de nacht van zaterdag 20 op zondag 21 februari heeft het dieren bevrijdings front(DBF) 20 jonge konijnen bevrijd uit een bedrijf dat geld verdiend over de ruggen van deze weerloze dieren. De konijnen zijn ondergebracht bij mensen die ze liefdevol verzorgen en waar ze een gelukkig leven in alle vrijheid kunnen leiden zoals het hoort.

De konijnen zaten met grote aantallen in een donkere schuur waarin geen daglicht naar binnen kon. In de kleinen van draad gaas zaten de konijnen ongeveer met 8 stuks tegelijk opgesloten.ze hadden geen ruimte om recht overeind te staan, laat staan ruimte om normaal te liggen (voorzover dat mogelijk is op een ondergrond van alleen maar gaas)

Het stonk er vreselijk naar urine en sommige konijnen hadden zichzelf en hun soortgenoten van de stress en van verveling kaal gevreten, ook troffen we in een paar kooien dode konijnen aan (zie foto) die gewoon tussen de levende dieren in lagen.

De konijnen die de hel van tien weken overleven wacht een wrede dood in het slachthuis. het DBF zal dit verborgen dierenleed nooit accepteren en zal blijven vechten voor welk dier dan ook dat lijdt voor de onverzadigbare behoeften van de mens.

Tot slot een paar feiten over het leed dat konijnen vlees heet.

-per jaar worden er twee miljoen konijnen vermoord voor het vlees wat voornamelijk wordt geexporteerd naar Frankrijk.

-Nederland "herbergt" 324.000 vlees konijnen 40.000 voedsters (vrouwtjes konijnen KI) voor de fok!

-de slacht leeftijd is tien weken, een voedster wordt na 1 jaar vermoord.

-zeven keer per jaar moet een voedster werpen. en 1 op de 5 konijnen overleiden vroegtijdig op de farm.

Dieren Bevrijdings Front.

Noot: Wij laten de locatie van de bevrijding expres in het midden om geen slapen de honden wakker te maken en zo nog door te gaan op de bevrijdende weg die we hebben ingeslagen."

March 11, 2009 -- Animal Products Ruined at Supermarkets

received anonymously:

"On March the 10th the A.R.O.M.A (Animal Rights One Man Army)
went out to several local supermarkets in the Netherlands.

A.R.O.M.A punctured the packaging of a few hundred flesh and fish products,
making it unfit for consuming much faster.
The damage it not crearly visible, so flesh and fish eaters will have a disgusting meal and the carcass sellers will have many angry customers.

Like the A.R.O.M.A says:


March 10, 2009 -- Windows Smashed With Bricks at Wageningen Univ.

anonymous report:

"Under a mystical blue sky we went out in the early morning of march the 9th. This time we paid a visit to the vivisection lab and congres-building of the WAGENINGEN UNIVERSITY.

You people shouldn't let so many loose bricks lay around on your parking lot. We smashed 2 windows with them.

Do not wait for the BIG BOMB!
We don't want to throw it, but you certainly don't want to receive it.

Have fun working in the cold SCUM.

Animal Liberation Front"

February 25, 2009 -- Vehicles Sabotaged at Wageningen Univ.

received anonymously:

"In the early morning of february the 24th we went back to the Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

And again we were so forgiving. We vandalised 2 expensive Citroen Picasso's belonging to the Wageningen Unversity.
(They had 'University of Wageningen' and their symbols painted all over it, so yeah we are sure)

Because of problems we could only leave half a 'ALF' sign in spray-paint.

Let this be a message to everybody within the university.


February 12, 2009 -- Vacationing ALF Visit HLS Customers

received anonymously:

"In the night of 5 on 6 February 2009, we from ALF Poland gave two customers from HLS some red color on their building.

Inside HLS animals are being tortured and killed in useless experiments.

Astellas in Meppel (NL) and Schering-Plough in Houten (NL) have been targeted. This time it was only some red paint. Next time we won't be so friendly if you don't cut your ties with HLS immediately.

This action is dedicated to the SHAC prisoners in the UK and USA and to all other prisoners.

ALF Poland"

January 26, 2009 -- Activists Tag Wageningen University

received anonymously:

"In the night of January the 25th one of the headbuildings from the WAGENINGEN UNIVERSITEIT (NETHERLANDS) has been tagged bij ALF members.

This was to make sure every last person within the university knows what is happening down there.
We left names of specifik animals being tortured at the WAGENINGEN UNIVERSITEIT and of course the number of 15.000 and some ALF tags.


We call on the help of every other ALF cell that is active in and around the Netherlands. HELP US, THIS HAS TO STOP NOW!


Anonymous ALF cell"

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