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Nepal Bans Exports Of Monkeys For Vivisection

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From VeganWay

Nepal Bans Exports Of Monkeys For Vivisection!

On Monday 25th of August the Nepalese government announced a ban on the export of monkeys for vivisection. Whilst we welcome this move we are still calling for the release of the monkeys from the farms and a complete end to all bio-medical research using monkeys in Nepal.

Watch the campaign video of the monkey farms and then take action to free the monkeys:

We need you to contact the government department responsible for the monkey farms to make it clear to them that a ban on exports is not enough and that the campaign will only stop when ALL the Nepalese monkeys are safe from the horrors of vivisection. Please send a copy of the sample letter below, to the provided email addresses. Feel free to change the wording of the letter, but please ensure that the 4 demands are left as they are to ensure that the message is received loud and clear...and of course, please don't forget to add your name at the bottom of the letter! We would also request that you leave the link to the campaign website on the letter, (below your name), to ensure that they are aware of the continuing global actions of the campaign.


Dear Sir/Madam,

As a supporter of the Gateway to Hell campaign to save the Nepalese monkeys from vivisection, I welcome your governments decision to ban the export of monkeys for bio-medical research and view this as a positive measure. However I am aware that biomedical research is still occurring in Nepal and I therefore urge you in the strongest possible terms to ensure that all Nepalese monkeys are saved from vivisection by immediately implementing the following measures demanded by the campaign to save Nepalese monkeys from vivisection:

1) Ban the export of monkeys for bio-medical research by law.

2) Ban the breeding and capture of monkeys for bio-medical research by law.

3) Ban all experimentation on monkeys for bio-medical research by law.

4) Release and rehabilitate all the monkeys immediately.

I vow to continue to support the Gateway to Hell campaign against Nepal until your government implements the above measures to ensure that Nepalese monkeys are never used in bio-medical research either in Nepal or elsewhere.

Yours Sincerely,


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