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March 8, 2007 Kylie Luik (301) 277 5595

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ALLEY CAT RESCUE spays and neuters 100 animals in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, in Spay/Neuter Camp Blitz

Alley Cat Rescue (ACR) visited Puerto Vallarta, Mexico along with four veterinarians and two vet techs on March 2nd and 3rd, to hold a free spay-neuter clinic. During those two days, they were able to spay and neuter 100 dogs and cats, including several feral cats.

The success of this clinic will prevent hundreds of thousands of unwanted animals from being born, and is the first step in the fight against pet overpopulation. There are an estimated 45-thousand stray dogs and 100-thousand stray cats in the Puerto Vallarta area.

Many generous local animal lovers helped with the clinic by volunteering, organizing and donating supplies. Laura Gelezunas, a Banderas News videojournalist living in Puerto Vallarta had seen the problem with her own eyes and contacted Alley Cat Rescue for help.

Louise Holton, president of ACR, said "We were contacted by an American working in Mexico, who has a passion for animals, and she asked if we could send any help to curb the overpopulation problem, and we jumped at the opportunity to come over with some vets from the U.S. and our expertise with working with stray animals.

This was the first spay-neuter clinic that Alley Cat Rescue had organized, and largest of its size in Puerto Vallarta. Vets joined them from all over the United States: Dr. Pervaiz Mazoor and Dr. Javaid Manzoor came from Maryland, Dr. Ajaz Alvi came from Chicago, and Dr. Bill Pearce came from Texas. Dr. Pearce was the only vet who had previously participated in spay-neuter clinics in Mexico. When asked why he volunteered at spay-neuter clinics, Dr. Pearce said "Why do you do this? Because it's the right damn thing to do. And what brings me out? Because I can."

Alley Cat Rescue hopes to make this a bi-annual trip, as there are still many more animals in Puerto Vallarta who need their help.

Alley Cat Rescue (ACR) is a nonprofit 501(c) 3 working to protect cats on several levels: locally through rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of cats and nationally through a network of Cat Action Teams (CAT). ACR is dedicated to the health, well-being and welfare of all cats: domestic, stray, abandoned and feral. ACR also assists the international animal community.

Mexico is one of the developing nations where companion animals are generally not afforded the same care that we give them in the U.S.

We have been asked for assistance by a concerned citizen of Mexico who volunteers at an animal shelter. She estimates that the feral cat population in this one region is well over 100,000 and has asked Alley Cat Rescue for help. We are interested in using the vast experience that our veterinarian and Alley Cat Rescue has developed over the years and plan to take a team to spay and neuter feral cats over a five-day period.

Together Alley Cat Rescue and Dr. Pervaiz Manzoor. D.V.M. of Brentwood Animal Hospital in Maryland, have spayed and neutered over 20,000 feral and stray cats.

We have sent humane traps, drugs and other medical supplies.

ACR is providing travel and accommodations for the team of 10. The 4 veterinarians are volunteering their time and expertise.

We plan to travel on February 27th 2007. The timing will be good as kitten season will be just around the corner. We will be stopping thousands of unwanted kittens from coming into this part of the world, where they definitely are not needed, as no homes are available.

The Chief Animal Control Office of Puerta Vallarta has asked our vets. to spay/neuter some dogs as well, and to supply their veterinarians with education and surgery techniques.

Alley Cat Rescue is a national nonprofit group helping ALL cats: domestic, abandoned and feral. ACR is unique in that we work locally in our own backyard, plus we work nationwide to help others help homeless cats. International groups contact us for help as well. ACR's founder, Louise Holton, is one of the pioneers who brought TNR to the United States.

If anyone wishes to write about this venture please contact:

Kylie Luik

Alley Cat Rescue


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