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Barbarism Toward Bulls

February, 2007

Please send a letter to Mexican officials letting them know how civilized people feel about these barbaric and heinous acts of cruelty toward innocent animals.

Dear friends,

As expected, everything that Gobernator Fidel Herrera told us about the Fiesta de la Candelaria, in Tlacotalpan, Veracruz was an effort to mislead us, obviously he betrayed us.

This is the report of a witness:

"The EMBALSE and SEMIPAMPLONADA, carried out with not one change to avoid cruelty, on the contrary the torture and the cruelty was increased, because this year, they added 6 more bulls to the 6 cebúes, who were tortured and mutilated. "

Please look at the photos, a drowner bull, and others wounded.

http://es.geocities .com/madelcargb/ toritosmexico. html

Here you have the adresses to write a complain
To: Gobernador Fidel Herrera and his secretary
[email protected] veracruz- llave,

[email protected] -llave.gob .mx

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