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anonymous report, from Earth First! Newswire:

"At 4am, while so-called mexico city was blanketed by police, pollution, and restless capitalism, 320 birds and 3 foxes were liberated from Mercado Sonora, a crowded distribution point of nonhuman creatures kidnapped from their homes and crammed into horrid conditions of human negligence.

All the human-labeled bird species that spread their wings, such as Amazilia beryllina, Aquila chrysaetos, and Pharomachrus Mocinno, are found within the bioregions of 'mexico'; and so, we are hoping, they have great chance of returning to their perch, or at least finding a viable new one where they can rest and continue to exercise their colorful existence.

The foxes were tended to by a comrade and transported to their bioregions where, once released, began to frolick once again in rejuvenation.

While we cannot help them all at once nor control the fate of all those libertated, we can break their chains, alleviate their suffering, and offer a space to breathe and escape into remaining habitat.

Unfortunatelty, there remain many cages, many lives, stacked and suffocated. For this reason, we send out this note, this shout into the fibers of civilization.

To all fellow beings, whether or not you identify as an 'activist', 'radical', 'anarchist', 'punk', etc…

We all have the choice, the ability, to defend life (human and nonhuman). Everyday we choose how we interact with our surroundings. Everyday there is a creature trembling in the corner of a cage. Everyday a sprout is pushing against concrete. Let us not forget our potential to act upon our values. Whether it is spreading stories and inspiration, nourishing seeds, or slipping on a mask and quietly opening doors... etc... we ALL have a role in the fight for liberation.

In instinctual insurrection,


Liberación Animal Transfronteriza / Libération Animale Transfrontière / Transborder Animal Liberation"


received anonymously (translation):

"We take responsibility for the arson on May 10, 2013 on the premises of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, in the town of Xalapa, Veracruz. This institution like so many others through the cynical welfarist discourse, supports a hypocritical regulation of the exploitation suffered by nonhuman animals in the area of scientific and medical research. We believe that every sentient being is an end in themselves and we see your fucking anthropocentric culture as our enemy and we will attack it by any means necessary. We are sorry not to have hit harder and caused the material and economic damage that you really deserve; keep in mind that through promoting animal abuse you become a target. Your alleged human superiority does not exist and neither does your alleged right to dispose of the lives of nonhumans.

Guadalajara Mexico, April 25, 2015"

"Tomamos responsabilidad por el incendio ocurrido el d�a 10 de mayo del 2013 en las instalaciones de la Facultad de Veterinaria, en la localidad de Xalapa, Ver. Esta instituci�n como tantas otras apoya mediante el c�nico discurso bienestarista, una hip�crita regulaci�n a la explotaci�n que padecen los animales no humanos principalmente en el rubro de la investigaci�n m�dica y cient�fica. Defendemos que cada sintiente es un fin en s� mismo y advertimos que vuestra jodida cultura antropoc�ntrica es nuestro enemigo y la atacaremos por cualquier medio necesario. Lamentamos no haberles golpeado lo suficientemente fuerte y causado los da�os materiales y econ�micos que realmente os merec�is; tened en cuenta que al
fomentar la explotaci�n animal les convierte en un objetivo a nuestro alcance. Vuestra pretendida superioridad humana no existe y vuestro supuesto derecho de disponer de las vidas de los no humanos tampoco.

Guadalajara M�xico, a 25 de abril del 2015"



received anonymously (translation):

"In these images you can see the before and after of our visit, you can see a small modification. Similarly other modifications were made to the website which, though not visible on the main page, surely will take them a few hours to return to how they had it, if they can. On the page, all references to the sale of cattle were removed. All the orders, auctions, types of animals auctioned and some news.
The hacked website is and although our way to enter it was with tools to get user names and passwords, the lack of security on the page was surprising. The user name was 'Admin' (without quotes) and the password was '123456' (again without quotes).

While there are those who benefit from suffering, we'll be there.
We will not allow the torture and murder to happen freely.

"En las im�genes que se pueden ver del antes y el despu�s de nuestro paso por ella, vemos una peque�a modificaci�n. Del mismo modo se hicieron algunas modificaciones en la p�gina, que aunque no sean tan visibles como la p�gina principal de la web, seguro les llevar� unas cuantas horas volver a dejarlo c�mo lo ten�an, si es que pueden. Dentro de la p�gina se eliminaron todas las referencias que hab�a sobre la venta de ganado. Se eliminaron todos los pedidos, las subastas, los tipos de animales subastados y algunas noticias.
La web hackeada se llama y aunque el modo para llegar a entrar en ella fue con herramientas para sacar contrase�as y nombres de usuario, la falta de seguridad en esta p�gina sorprendi� por su gran originalidad. El nombre de usuarix era ?admin? (sin comillas) y el pass era ?123456? (de nuevo sin comillas).

Mientras haya quien saque beneficio del sufrimiento, ah� estaremos.
No vamos a permitir que la tortura y el asesinato salga gratis.



anonymous report, from Liberacion Total (translation):

"On November 30, 2012 we liberated a turtle from a pet store in the Forum Mall in Mexico City. We did this as a small gesture, out of our conviction for total liberation, taking action against this system of cages and bars.

We want to dedicate this action to the anarchist warrior Mario Antonio L�pez, 'El Tripa', and also to the eco-anarchist warrior Braulio Duran, locked up in the Reclusorio Sur prison in Mexico City and in the CERESO in Leon, Guanajuato, respectively. We hope that within our ranks there is the ability to not only free the animals but also our imprisoned comrades.

Life should be able to develop in freedom and not be converted into a commodity. We oppose all forms of limitations imposed on us by this system which encourage submission and an artificial life maintaining the desire for money and power.
We believe that like humans, animals are not merchandise and we fight to destroy all cages.
Soon this turtle will be in a natural area where he/she can experience freedom and all the risks that come with it.

We also want to show solidarity with our comrades who came out on December 1st to destroy everything, breaking, attacking and burning everything that smells of domination, on the day that Pe�a Nieto took power. We know that the fight is against everything and not just against the president.

In solidarity with detainees and our moral support to the family of our comrade fallen in combat. There will be revenge when the heads of the police and powerful roll.
Total War.

For human, animal and earth liberation
If not us, who? If not now, when?
Animal Liberation Front"

"El d�a 30 de Noviembre de el 2012 liberamos una tortuga de una tienda de mascotas del Centro Comercial Forum en la ciudad de M�xico lo hacemos como un peque�o gesto en nuestro accionar contra este sistema de jaulas y rejas y nuestra convicci�n por la liberaci�n total.

Este acto se lo queremos dedicar al guerrero anarquista Mario Antonio L�pez el Ttripa y tambi�n al guerrero eco anarquista Braulio Duran, enjaulados respectivamente en el Reclusorio Sur de la Ciudad de M�xico y en el CERESO de Leon Guanajuato. Esperemos que dentro de nuestras filas exista la capacidad para no solo liberar rehenes animales sino tambi�n compa�erxs encerradxs.

La vida debe desarrollarse en libertad y no convertida en mercancia, por lo que nos oponemos a toda forma de limitaciones que nos impone este sistema para continuar con con la vida artificializada y sumision que preserva sus ancias de dinero y Poder.
Creemos que los animales como lxs humanxs no son mercancias y luchamos por destruir todas las jaulas.
Pronto esta tortuguita se encontrara en alg�n lugar de la naturaleza donde pueda experimentar su libertad con todo y los riesgos que ello conlleva.

Tambi�n nos queremos solidarizar con lxs compas que este 1 de Diciembre salieron a destruirlo todo, ropiendo, atacando e incendiando todo lo que huele a dominaci�n, en ese dia de la toma de Poder de Pe�a Nieto. Sabemos que la lucha es contra todo y no solo contra el presidente.

Solidaridad con lxs detenidxs y nuestro apoyo moral con la familia del compa ca�do en combate. Habra venganza, que rueden cabezas de policias y poderosxs.
Guerra total.

Por la liberacion humana, animal y de la Tierra,
Sino somos nosotrxs quien?, si no es ahora cuando?
Frente de Liberaci�n Animal"


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