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(Malta) More than 2,500 People Sign Petition Calling for Ban on Animal Circuses

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November 1, 2012

The animal rights coalition has called on political parties to include the ban of animal circuses as part of their electoral manifesto.

"When public opinion both in Malta and overseas is turning against animal circuses and other exploitation of animals, Malta should be more proactive in this regard and circuses featuring animal acts should no longer be issued with permits to visit Malta. Instead, more emphasis should be given to promote and bring to Malta non animal circuses as a means of cruelty free entertainment," the NGO said.

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More than 2,500 people have signed a petition set up just six days ago calling for a ban on animal circuses. Animal rights activists are again disappointed that there will be performances by two animal circuses as early as 8 November, throughout December and probably even at the beginning of January.
The petition, which was set up by Fleur Marie Cilia Buckett, president of voluntary group World Events to End Animal Cruelty (WEEAC) Malta, is one of a number of other initiatives calling for a ban on animal circuses. These include another petition that was set up by the Circus Animal Rights Coalition -- made up of about 20 NGOs - a few years back.
Over the years, various NGOs have also organised a number of educational activities to raise awareness on the matter, as well as demonstrations to express their disapproval of animal circuses and to explain that circus animals are subjected to unnecessary cruelty.
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