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Prime Minister supports animal welfare law!

The campaign to enact the draft law for animal protection and welfare got a huge boost as Prime Minister Tammam Salam gave his support.

Now the law is at the Council of Ministers, and we need to ensure it is on the agenda and approved as soon as possible.

Meeting at the Grand Serial, we were seeking His Excellencies backing to make sure that happens, and quickly.

The campaign was launched more than three year ago, and this was one of the most encouraging meetings we have had.

Prime Minister Salam explained that he is a friend of the animals, and encouraged us to continue our efforts as the process of enacting a law can be long and difficult. He also recognized that people may question why we are working for animals, and said "human welfare and animal welfare are both import, and one does not stop the other."

This law is the best opportunity we have to improve the welfare of all animals - now and for the years to come..

Learn more about the campaign and how you can help.

Your donations now can help sustain this campaign and give us the boost we need to ensure the law is approved and moves to Parliament.

Thanks to you this campaign has come so far already - preparing the first draft, launching the campaign at Parliament, more than a year of reviewing the text of the law, building up public and governmental support, and finally now at the Council of Ministers.

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