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Beirut for Ethical Treatment of Animals, 03/07

The war separated us from the outside world but not from the animals. The war separated us from you, the people who cared enough to read about us and our rescues. Excuse us for letting you down, we let you down by not staying in touch but we did not let you down by caring for the animals. Our mailing system crashed but our hard work in animal rescues did not. Our efforts were all directed to relieve the suffering of those beings in Lebanon who have no voice to make their pain and suffering heard. Just now after seven months were we able to get back on our feet to establish a new mailing system and we promise you this time we will keep you constantly updated.

We would like to brief you on what has happened in the last seven months. Starting with the good news:

As many of you know, we have moved 300 of our cats and dogs to the Bestfriends sanctuary in the United States. Ninety percent of the animals have gone to loving homes and became precious new members of families. The remaining 10% are equally lucky they are having a great time at Bestfriends' heavenly sanctuary while waiting for someone special to adopt them.

website: http://www.bestfrie

Another piece of good news: the move of our rescued primates from war zones. They are now all safe and sound, happily living in Wales, thanks to the generosity of Graham and Jan Garen who welcomed them in their sanctuary. At long last, these primates moved from a bombed out prison, to free space and serenity.

web site: http://www.cefn- uk/

Now back to Beirut, even though the war is over, the political situation is still unstable. BETA is back to struggle, only this time things are harder, everybody is concerned in his/her own survival, scared of what will happen the next day, and defending the animal's cause seem insignificants to most people. However, and as usual, BETA's unlimited compassion was a key element in continuing our mission in these hard times. Rescues never stopped, more and more animals in need, and now we have 200 dogs and 130 cats in our care, to feed and to shelter with a very limited income. Again, our shelters are full and we need your help.

One of BETA's principal problems is the urgent need for evacuation of our dog shelter. Our neighbors are not very fond of dogs and have issued us a month's notice. Thankfully, we were able to locate a piece of land and are now in the process of building a shelter according to European and American standards, which would provide the animals with a cozy and comfortable stay until they are adopted. As always, however, funds are scarce, and we are working hard and scraping the bottom of the barrel to hold onto it and complete the construction of the shelter. Please check out the plea for help and pictures of the construction of our new shelter at the following link: http://beta. viewNew.php? ID=226

Due to the critical political situation, we are unable to raise funds on the ground you are our only solace. Our mission can be successful only with the help of compassionate people like you, so please donate online at http://beta. donate.php

We will certainly keep in touch and keep you up-to-date with all of our news.

Thank you for caring, thank you for being there, and thank you for staying in touch.

BETA team.

Web: http://beta.

Email: [email protected] com

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