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KARA wants the Moran market closed

KARA wants the Moran market closed
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This is a summary of Korea Animal Rights Advocates' announcement on January 16, 2015 on their homepage "As the general controller of prevention of epidemics, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs must order a permanent closure of Moran Livestock Market!".

KARA wants the Moran market, where all kind of animals are held, slaughtered and sold (including DOG MEAT), to be closed.

Avian influenza has appeared at the Moran market. The authorities couldn't trace the root of infection.

Last year, on the 14th of December, KARA rescued 'Duri' from Moran market in SeongNam, where Avian Influenza (AI)was discovered in poultry livestock. Just After 'Duri' was rescued, he was diagnosed with Canine Influenza and Distemper. Veterinarians tried everything but unfortunately he died on 3rd of January. We suspect that the Moran market's AI was the cause of Duri's death.

A lot of people visit the Moran Market from all over the country, where living animals like dogs, cats, goats, chickens, ducks etc, are locked up in poor conditions (as you can see in the picture). That is why the Moran market has the potential of not only having zoonosis but also interspecies transmission.

Even with the AI outbreak, the Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency banned only poultry trading and allowed business with other living animals, like dogs and cats, as usual to operate.

To prevent the outbreak of the virus from the Moran market's cross-species variation, transmission and massive scale of infectious diseases, all of Moran market's living animal trading should be stopped for good.

The Moran Market has the potential of spreading all kinds of contagious diseases so we urge them to close down!

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs should take actions to block the spreading of animal disease and protect national health by closing down the Moran market as soon as possible.

KARA is now campaigning to shut down the Moran animal market. Please join us!
We are now sending civil complaints to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs about the Moran animal market.

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