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Japanese media covers WPF pig abuse

(JP) Japanese media covers WPF pig abuse and Itoham announcement.
June 2, 2012

Nikkei, who is one of major newspaper in Japan report on Itoham's affiliated company, WPF pig abuse.

(Both are Japanese article)
Nikkei news:

Itoham announce (Japanese) on their web site:
Currently only Japanese, their English page have not updated.

Nikkei news (translation from Japanese)

Dismissed employees - Itoham's U.S. related company

Itoham announced up to June 2, that 4 employees who were locally-hired were doing inappropriate act such as bumping baby pigs in this Spring in the farm of their U.S. affiliated company Wioming Premier Farm in Wioming State.

Itoham dismissed 4 employees for violating their company rules and also dismissed farm foreman for taking supervisory responsibility.

Receiving complaints from the U.S. animal group's web site, Itoham dispatched their employees to the site for investigation on the middle of May. Itoham said that some employees lacked knowledge, we will make sincere effort to prevent similar misdeeds.

Wioming Premier Farm was established in 1995.
Their business is to breed pigs for shipping out to other farms.


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