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Sea Shepherd at the Heart of a Japanese Scandal

It appears that the Sea Shepherd campaign to stop illegal Japanese whaling operations in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary is having a serious political impact in addition to the massive profit losses by the whaling industry. Last week, the Japanese media reported that the whalers lost $20.5 million dollars USD last season because of Sea Shepherd interventions. This story was also reported in The New York Times and in the current edition of Newsweek.(.)

.the allocation to oppose Sea Shepherd was one of the most blatantly disconnected misuses of the funds. The $30 million has been earmarked towards a public relations campaign against Sea Shepherd, to a lawsuit filed in the United States seeking an injunction against Sea Shepherd, to pressuring Costa Rica to resurrect a decade-old, previously dismissed charge against Captain Paul Watson and also pressuring Interpol to issue a 'Red List' notice for Captain Watson. Funds were also allocated to provide for a security ship to accompany the whaling fleet..

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