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Seven Piglets Rescued

reported by activists in Italy

"On thursday 8 of march, seven piglets were rescued from a farm in Murcia. The pigs were going to be murdered to be used as food. Now they have been welcomed by a vegan couple and they live in a field in the backyard of a house.

We ask everybody who eats animal products to reflect on this unnecessary behaviour and to adopt a way of life without death, abuse, suffering and speciesism.

We want to dedicate this action to the English activists Mark Taylor, Suzanne Taylor and Teresa Portwine who have been sentenced to four years, two and a half and fifteen months for doing demos against HLS."

Spanish version:
"El jueves 8 de marzo, siete cerditos fueron rescatados de una granja de Murcia. Los cerdos iban a ser asesinados para servir como comida. Ahora han sido acogidos por un matrimonio vegano y viven en un campo en la parte de atr�s de la casa.

Pedimos a todos los que se alimenten con productos de origen animal que se cuestionen esta innecesaria costumbre y que adopten una forma de vida libre de muerte, explotaci�n, sufrimiento y especismo.

Queremos dedicar esta acci�n a los activistas ingleses Mark Taylor, Suzanne Taylor y Teresa Portwine que han sido condenados a cuatro a�os de c�rcel, dos y medio y quince meses respectivamente por hacer manifestaciones contra HLS."


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