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Italian Town Switches To Silent Fireworks To Protect Animals

May 10, 2016
by Amanda Froehlich

The town of Collecchio in Italy has passed legislation which forces citizens to use silent fireworks.


Humans may enjoy the ruckus that accompanies celebrations like the 4th of July, but animals - including domesticated pets - can become traumatized by the loud explosions. In fact, some of the symptoms caused by “acoustic stress” include heart problems, nausea, tremors, debilitating fears, and light-headedness.

Because most animals are far more sensitive to noise than humans, an entire town in Italy is taking action to protect local animals from the stress caused by fireworks displays. reports that the government of the town of Collecchio in the province of Parma, Italy, has introduced new legislation which forces citizens to use silent fireworks. The mandate aims to ensure that local wildlife is respected and that the stress experienced by animals is lessened substantially.

One of the companies benefiting from the new law is Setti Fireworks, which provides fireworks that produce a spectacular light show without the deafening sounds. Reportedly, the company designs their fireworks to fit the venue and event they will be used for.


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