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Diogene - Italian
OIPA Naples (Italy branch), in defence of animals

ALF Supporters, Italy:

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Italian Town Switches To Silent Fireworks To Protect Animals - May 2016

Court convicts lab dog breeders - Jan 2015

Italy raises concerns with Japan over dolphin hunt - January 2014

Rome Flash​mob for animals - January 2014

Comune di Siena: Abolire l'uso degli animali nel Palio - Sept 2013

Allevatore di visoni aggredisce attivisti durante investigazione - August 2013

Italian Parliament Approves Sweeping Restrictions to Use of Research Animals - August 2013

initiative to stop the exploitation of animals - May 2013

Animal-rights activists wreak havoc in Milan laboratory - April 2013

24 beagles need help - March 2013

Feb, 2013. Good day, I'm Mauro and I live in Trieste. Every day I see and hear so many terrible things that humans do worldwide. We, I and my partner, try to do our best and let me tell you our shop CRUELTY FREE in Trieste Life Respect. Maybe a lot of people can affect. Our commitment is to ONLY sell cruelty free certified products on the list Vivo.

January 2013 - Sign the petition to make sure that in Emilia Romagna is made ​​a law against keeping dogs on chains and read the blog: http:// scatenarediritti. /

The role of Prof. Luciano Venturi, Professor of Veterinary Medicine and Head of the Veterinary Public Health at the ASL of Ravenna in the failure of the project of self-construction of Ravenna:

Italian Zoo Faces Bankruptcy, Animals Could Starve - January 2013

Italian Federation Vs. Animals in Circuses - October 2012

IT: Settimana Vegetariana Mondiale 2012 - October 2012

Giraffe Escapes Circus, then is killed - September 2012

Galatone Province of Lecce in Italy? - September 2012

[Chiliamacisegua] Vergognoso (Shameful) - August 2012

Italian AR Groups Demand End to Famed Palio Race After 6 of 10 Horses Fall - August 2012

Rome: Drivers of horse-drawn carriages clash with ARAs - August 2012

Urgent appeal from the country stopping Green Hill - August 2012

Consideration: Green Hill Dog kennels for dogs - July 2012

Diary of Green Hill - July 2012

The monkeys Mazor farm are safe! - July 2012

Green Hill Breakthrough - July 2012

Animal Equality documents the brutal slaughter of Bluefin tuna - June 2012

International Demo to Close Down Green Hill - May 8 - May 4, 2012

(Italy) beagle liberation update - May 2, 2012

Post Su Facebook Per Green Hill - May 1, 2012

12 arrested in a protest at Green Hill in Italy and Anonymous fights back - April 2012

30 Beagles Rescued from Green Hill Beagle Farms - April 2012

People Vs. Circus in Italy - April 2012

Comunicato AmiciCani - Milano - Don Mazzi: "Basta dare soldi a cani e gatti" - April 2012

An Interview with Marina Berati - Feb 2012

In Italy, a little time ago, 900monkeys were deported in a building to Harlan (Monza Brianza, Italia). I and other don't want this experiment, but nobody listens to what we want. I ask to you, for stopping all this, but I need to know how can I do for stopping, I want to do like you do.... for freedom!

This is a link:

Rabbits liberated from Italian nativity scene - January 2012

Dog Rescued - Dec 2011

Liberate 46 galline a Cesena - Dec 2011


Riceviamo e pubblichiamo - Feb 2011

Denuncia cani Rusino - Feb 2011

Cane Seppellito - Feb 2011

il canile di Rieti - Feb 2011

PERRERAS - lettera denuncia - Feb 2011

La Padania - Jan 2011

Comunicato AmiciCani - Pessime adozioni dal sud al nord. - Jan 2011

Comunicato AmiciCani - 1/2011

Grazie per l�attenzione - 1/2011

AmiciCani - Bologna - Lucia Leone, una volontaria - 12/10

2-degrees mess, Italy - 12/10

No fights: ARAs bring jugglers and clowns to the Coliseum - 11/10

Italy/Monza: New shelter for small rescued lab animals - Nov 2010

Amici Cani - Nov 25, 2010

Green Hill, Montichiari, Breeds for Vivisection - Nov 2010

Comunicato AmiciCani - Lecce - Passeggia con il cane al guinzaglio, per i vigili disturba la riunione consiliare - Nov 2010

Comunicato AmiciCani - Salerno - Cicerale

Comunicato AmiciCani - Agrigento - I cani di Aragona. Il Comune cosa fa?

Italy minister backs move to ban Rome's horse-drawn carriages - Oct 2010

L'olocausto Degli Innocenti - Manifesto Anti-Vivisezione! - Sept 2010

Da oggi nasce CPPA - Sept 2010

September 27, 2010. In Roma, Italy, demo against vivisection was held and 10000 people joined. corteo_contro_la_vivisezione-7422778/1/

Italian minister: Palio horse races are cruel - August 2010

Italy discovers the 'Consciousness of Animals' - July 2010

richiesta info ALF - May 2010 - May 2010

I really hope that place will close one day... I hope early!!!

New highway code: Italian motorists have to help animals - May 2010

'E' questa l'Italia che vogliamo?' - May 2010


ALESSIA 347 8730442

Turin: Expose of the laboratory primate trade and campaign launch

Italy - photos from Faroe Islands
Orrore in Danimarca: massacrano i delfini per dimostrare di essere adulti

Sarah Brown yesterday spoke of her outrage at being served veal at the G8 Summit. The Prime Minister's wife twice declined to eat the controversial meat during her visit to L'Aquila in Italy. Mrs Brown said she feels "very strongly" about the cruel conditions in which veal calves are reared. She wrote on Twitter: "Am hoping that no veal served at lunch again today - have declined it twice this trip as just feel very strongly about it."

Animal lovers have long fought for white veal to be banned. They say calves are often kept in the dark and given very restricted diets so the meat is specially tender. Compassion in World Farming said: "We welcome her decision not to choose veal."

full story:
Protest in Venice vs. Bullfights and Vargas - July 2009
Various Protests - photos

E' un abominio questo sito, nel quale si possono inviare foto di una crudeltà senza pari...Vi allego un esempio...

Siamo un gruppo di 23000 persone su facebook che chiedono, oltre alla chiusura del sito, che venga fatta giustizia, e che si possa risalire a chi ha inviato le foto denunciarli...

Non lasciamo impunito un gesto che è un insulto alla vita...

Grazie fin da ora

E scusate se pongo alla vostra attenzione anche questo video...
     download flv file

Grazie...spero davvero che si possa fare qualcosa in merito...

DURISSIMO!!: lo scuoiamento à praticato in Cina sui cani vivi: sono considerati animali da pelliccia e scuoiati vivi.Cosà non si devono spender soldi per pallottole o altri mezzi di soppressione. La prassi Ãmolto diffusa in Cina e poco nota in Occidente.


False Claim of ALF Killing 40 Birds - February 2009
2000 Mink Freed near Modena - November 2008
Animal Trafficking in Greece and Italy - July 2008
Republic of San Marino Abolishes Animal Testing - May 2008
OIPA - Feb 08; miscellaneous actions
Anti-Fur Victory, 415 Shops - Feb 08
Helping Strays in Sicily  marsala.pdf  gallarate.pdf
3000 Rabbits Liberated - Nov 07
ALF strikes lab in Lombardy, Italy - October 2007
Animal Liberation - September 2007 - video
Animal rights group to pope: Stop wearing fur - April 2007
Seven Piglets Rescued - March 2007
Lobster Saved in Milan Theater - March 2007
ALF vs. Zoolandia - January 2007
Circus Protest - January 2007
Harlan Liberation - December 2006
Hundreds of animals liberated by the Italian ALF - Dec. 2006
Anti-fur protesters storm Cavalli fashion show - Milano, Sept 2006.
Milano Univ. -- June 2006. Pressure mounts for Milano University
Mink Farm Fire -- June 2006. A mink farm in Rovolon, near Padova, was attacked with fire.
12 Goats -- May 2006. 12 young goats liberated from a farm of Borgo Adorno, in Cantalupo (AL).
Anti-Vivisection Protest.wmv --  5mb video. May 2006. 5000 person demonstration in Milan.
Pisa Arrests -- May 2006. Six insurrectional anarchists of Pisa's club 'Il Silvestre' arrested.
Milano April 2006 -- Liberati da farmacologia a Milano: 50 topi, 20 ratti, 12 conigli e 10 cani
Seal Import Ban -- Feb 2006. Italy announced it has suspended imports of seal skins and seal derived products.
2005 Italian Laws -- New Laws for fish, walking dogs, plus comment by Ingrid Newkirk
2005 Protests -- CRM Morini     4mb . rm movie, Chiudere_Morini Nov. 15, 2003
Bird Protection -- Oct 2005. German group protects Italian Birds .
Italy Mink Lib -- June 15, 2005. Freedom for minks - Close down - ALF
Italy June '05 -- 8 rabbits liberated from a small farm
Liberation Is Sweet - December 19, 2002. More Beagles rescued.
Beagles 2002 -- Nov 24, 2002. 'Terrorists' steal 128 beagles.

LiberacionAnimal. streaming movie
Canada at its worst .ppt (Italian and English)
Canada at its worst .ppt (French and English)


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