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[Chiliamacisegua] Vergognoso (Shameful)


Only an adjective to refer to those who believe the hymen virginity ethics, raising a mo 'shield, a beagle, innocent creature saved by Green Hill at a party, where the guest of honor, was death.

Chiliamacisegua horrified by the instrumental use of life by those who consider killing a sport, and their friends, screams his outrage and indignation disclose it to become public.

The indignation, the heritage of those who protect life, defend it and honor, conscience leads to a clear choice clear: which side to take.


The facts

Arcicaccia: The beagle arrive at Festambiente


August 21, 2012

Osvaldo Veneziano, national president of Arcicaccia

Sos Green Hill
The beagle come to Festambiente
A further 7 Festambiente beagle breeding Montichiari finally safe

Festambiente and Montichiari (Br) joined by a bridge of concrete solidarity to save the beagle Green Hill.

Seven beagle come to Rispescia, in the citadel of Legambiente.

Six puppies and a mom who will find the family ready to welcome them and give them lots of love. This is one of the many task-beagle that Legambiente is organizing around Italy.

All dogs were assigned to people carefully chosen and selected from among those who made ​​the request via the website of Legambiente. And tonight for another seven beagle will start a new life. Their arrival in Festambiente was welcomed at the space where debate was set up a small square of freedom.

Here a team of volunteers, veterinarians and dog training, caring for animals, he met and given all the basic information to families who have signed the contract of temporary custody, all in the presence of Rossella Muroni, director of Legambiente national Angelo Gentile, national coordinator of Festambiente, Anthony Morabito, head of the national fauna of Legambiente and Osvaldo Veneziano, national president of Arcicaccia, who has been with Legambiente leads a committed battle for legality and the full application of national law on the protection of fauna and on this occasion he was godfather to the delivery of the first puppy to a foster family.

"Operation SOS Green Hill - says Antonino Morabito, head of the national fauna Legambiente - is the largest operation ever occurred in Europe in defense of the most sincere friend of man: the dog. The illegality found by the judiciary in the breeding of Brescia Montichiari have highlighted the heavy abuse that beagle suffered. Our goal is to leave it, and then save the greatest number of beagles as soon as possible. A task force of Legambiente is working tirelessly to select families eligible for temporary custody of the dogs and provide the output of the beagle from the structure of Montichiari. Key will then be the phase of post-custody during which Legambiente follow all dogs entrusted to it and which it seeks the cooperation of all: professionals and citizens. And even those who could not participate directly, it can help us with a little financial help to support the costs of care, save and follow the beagle released by Green Hill " .

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LAV no beagle hunters


The LAV has learned that last Saturday the president of Arcicaccia has been the "godfather" to the delivery of some beagle Green Hill families by Legambiente during Festambiente, Grosseto.

The LAV, other legal guardian dogs of Green Hill, condemns the presence considering it incompatible with a message of life and rights for animals, what the hunters Legal - up to now - refuse through their activities, to the animals.

The LAV reiterates that no beagle of course it was given to hunters.

During the operations of foster care in Montichiari LAV denied the delivery of dog to your family of hunters.

In the picture Maya happily entrusted! (Photo LAV)

Press LAV

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Chiliamacisegua mailing list

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