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IT: Settimana Vegetariana Mondiale 2012

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World Vegetarian Week 2012

Oct. green around the world in search of a vegetarian diet, a philosophy of life more and more popular in Italy, where there are already 7 million people who said no to food animals.

Are growing strongly the people who decide to adopt a vegetarian diet of mold, giving up animal products: 43.2% reveals that he made this choice to protect your health while, 29.5%, was the favorite vegetable respect for the animals finally, 4.5% and defends the protection of the environment.

According to the Italian Vegetarian Association (Avi), Italy is second in the world after India for practitioners percentage of vegetarians in fact, according to estimates Eurispes, vegetarians are more than 3% of the total population, or about 2 million people, substantial numbers that demonstrate how, over 10 years, the number has doubled and does not intend to stop so that, according to Eurispes in 2050 vegetarians could reach 30 million.

Much more than a simple lifestyle, subjective choices important for the body and, for this reason, need to be made with criterion, with the advice and supervision of a nutritionist can suggest integrations in order to ensure a diet complete. In fact, as illustrated by Giacinto Miggiano, director of nutrition research center at the Catholic University-Gemelli Hospital in Rome: "Vegetarians do not consume meat and other animal products, tend to buy other products, such as those rich in omega-3 of fribra and antioxidants, which fight aging. "

For fans and curious, this year, punctual as always, October 1 to 7, the period in which they occur also World Vegetarian Day and World Day for Animals, renews the appointment with the World Vegetarian Week, an event interesting and articulate that, born in 2008 thanks to the initiative of several institutions and organizations vegetarian, animal rights and environmental groups operating all over the world provides, at an international level, information events such as seminars, meetings and dialogues nutrition conscious, eco-organic buffet films and documentaries to inform people about vegetarianism and the benefits arising from the exclusion of ingredient origin, with the consequent results giovamenti health and the environment.

A large number of appointments in calendar: Milan AVI and the Municipality of Milan promote the campaign "Let's get to the Gorge 2012" which, 1 to 31 October 2012, invites non-vegetarians to taste the delicacies of the cuisine at the local natural join free initiative, presenting its own menu, redesigned, inspired by the traditional cuisine, the "made in Italy" and ethnic cuisine while in Sicily the appointment is with "The Palermo Vegetarian" where, in the company of a guest of honor, Margherita Hack, Vegetarian doc, we will delight in seminars held by experts and professionals, and to follow a lot of theory, practice, tasty, that you go to the buffet table with "eco-bio-vegan" by of Freschette BioBistrot and BioCatering Waldorf School.

October 1, 2012

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