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Italian Federation Vs. Animals in Circuses


October 4, 2012

Insert between the preferential criteria for the provision of grants to companies offering circus performances made ​​without exploiting animals. And 'what is required by the Italian Federation of Animal Rights and Environment - the members of which the most important national, including Enpa, Lav, League of the Dog, Leidaa, Oipa, Chiliamacisegua, We Animals, Sos Greyhounds - the Minister of Culture Lorenzo Ornaghi, in a letter dated today, the day of St. Francis, which will be proposed to the signing of parliamentarians and citizens. Write the presidents of the member associations of the Federation: "The flight and death, on September 21 last year, a young giraffe circus still encamped at Imola, owned by Aldo Martini, have brought to the attention of public opinion to the issue of the exploitation of animals in the circus performances. know well - say the animal - that the present law 337 of 1968 recognizes the "social function" of the circus and the DM November 20, 2007, as amended, entitled "Criteria and procedures for grants, in favor of circus activities and traveling shows, in correspondence of the Fund only the spectacle of the Law of 30 April 1985, 163 "refers to activities circus" as an enterprise under the awning of which has the availability, presents to the public in one or more tracks, a show in which they perform clowns, gymnasts, acrobats, trapeze artists, magicians, exotic animals or household taught. "However - stress - pending a thorough reform of the regulation of circuses, which makes it objectively necessary Nothing prevents the Ministry for Heritage and Cultural Activities to introduce the criteria for preferential allocation of funds offering performances made ​​without exploiting animals. changing quickly in this sense, the DM 20 November 2007, the government would make an important signal to the public, upset about the accident at Imola and generally hostile to the use of animals in the circus. As indicated recently by Italy Report 2011 Eurispes, according to which "only 10.1 per cent of respondents viewed positively the use of animals in the circus. "
"The animals in the circus are suffering," reminiscent of the presidents of the associations. "He says common sense (the Lower Valley is not the bush) and it says a huge literature that illustrates the obvious: prison and" work "under the big top are absolutely incompatible with the ethological characteristics of the species involved. Lack of space and hygiene training methods often brutal, serious questions about compliance with the guidelines of the Scientific Committee Cites "for the maintenance of animals in circuses and traveling exhibitions" complete a picture overwhelming why, in our opinion, you must first - confirm - at least to include the criteria that govern the disbursement of funds to the circus, rewarding the real circus and animal exploitation. "

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