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Giraffe Escapes Circus, then is killed

Basta circhi con animali Basta Medioevo Basta incivilt� (Just circuses with animals Just Enough Middle Ages incivility​)

Just circuses with animals Just Enough Middle Ages incivility
He sought freedom. The little giraffe h to find instead, his end.
Enough trainers that make animals slaves.

Enough of this absurd deaths reminiscent of, obscene performances performed in amphitheatres.

Enough with the circus performing animals who speculate on the ridiculous, individuals and their dignity and their freedom, and often of their own lives.

Just barbarism.

Just incivility.

Just circuses with animals.


Chiliamacisegua thanks and supports the Mayor of Imola Daniele Manca in his reflection and decision to remove from its soil Circus advertised under the name of Rinaldo Orfei, with a one-way ticket.

The names Orfei, Togni and the like, are now synonymous with anachronistic and absurd spectacle of imprisonment incorrectly called, play.

The past must be buried.

That these families art (!), Retire, recycle and that they disappear from the landscape artists. That they do not really have the artistic facies nor the species, it the attitude, nor the talent.

That the Circus show themselves true artists with their creativity, leaving alone that they have not asked infiocchettarsi, jump in the fire, to kneel, turn circle by taking the tail or frolicking at the crack of a whip! Di spend their miserable existence, between the bars, in a tent, under the orders of the arrogant master man and shoot length and breadth of the world.

These creatures, they asked only to live, as is their right, their lives, in their natural environment!

In 2012, is' really struck forward to act as good people.

Rosanna Marani

Head of Communications




Posted September 21, 2012

IMOLA - Hard, very hard indeed, the intervention of the mayor is missing (which is given here in full), the story of the giraffe escaped from the circus Orfei this morning, chased, sedated and then died a few hours after the stress of anesthesia.

"The story of the giraffe escaped from the circus, unfortunately ended dramatically, shakes the conscience of all Imola and anyone who cares about the lives of these animals, whose natural habitat is not Imola. This is a tragic event that requires new measures.

The circus responsible for what happened must leave, can not stay in this city after this demonstration of neglect and superficiality. The event calls, however, new ideas and questions: it is still useful a circus that uses animals?

I think it is time to open a national discussion on this point and we are ready to do our part.

We call be made ​​to ascertain the incident, how the giraffe is beyond the control of those who had to keep it and the circumstances that led to the death of the animal.

The City of Imola is ready to bring a civil action because we believe it is ethically unacceptable that an animal can die like that.

Although we are aware of the existence of a National Circus and legislation protecting the Circus actions from now on we will ensure that these shows do not play more at Imola and we are ready to make a national battle at each location and place.

I remember, too, that for some years the Administration, through its rules, introduced guarantees on the protection and welfare of animals that may be held by circuses and circus which belonged to the giraffe announced a few days ago, adjusting as communicated in the authorization request, the presence of some animals, such as the giraffe same.

We have a duty to make transparent any responsibility, because we find it unacceptable and absurd that in a civilized city like ours, with a high quality of life, comes in contact with that sort of thing. "



Daniele Manca
Mayor of Imola


Saturday, September 22, 2012

"He has my artistic advice"

The press office of Rinaldo Orfei, in a statement released by Liana Orfei, states that it is his circus where, yesterday at Imola, he fled to a young male giraffe then died after being hit by projectiles narcotics.

In particular, states the note, Rinaldo Orfei lends his artistic consultant for the circus 'Dario Martini' which is located in San Giuliano a Cremano (Naples), while encamped at Imola is the brother Aldo Martini, "with an unqualified name 'Orfei' in tow.

The press office, asking to correct the news, does not explain why the media running around Imola to publicize the arrival of the caravan have the logo "Rinaldo Orfei".

The same National Agency Circuses, in a statement released yesterday, spoke of "Rinaldo Orfei circus just arrived in Imola," arguing that the strap that bound the fence had been cut by someone who wanted to harm the company circus.


Saturday, September 22, 2012

The mayor invites the circus to leave Monday

A sit-in in front of the circus tomorrow night Rinaldo Orfei in Imola to say 'no' to circuses with exotic animals and protest the death of the giraffe hit with two darts of anesthetic. He has organized, together with animal welfare organizations, the Vice President of the Municipal Council of Imola, Andrea Zucchini (mixed group), playing in a game since yesterday to demand an explanation about what happened and remember that circuses in Emilia-Romagna are not welcome.

The sit-in aims to "remove immediately the circus Imola."

The same request was made ​​formally by the mayor Daniele Manca, who invited the circus to leave town Monday.

"If by that date will not be left Imola - warns - will be adopted in all the acts which the municipality to force them to leave town anyway. '"

Meanwhile, even the WWF Emilia-Romagna takes a stand on the death of the giraffe condemning the activities' circus, which is "violated the right to freedom and dignity of animals" and "uneducated" for children, said in a statement President Cynthia Morsiani.

And to yesterday '"the latest episode involving circuses that use wild animals and exotic for their own economic interests."

As for the owners of the circus, who regretted saying he was very fond of the giraffe, Morsiani says: "If one wants to become a wild animal, respects him and then leaves him free to live in their natural environment, it certainly does not oblige to continuous long journeys in cramped spaces, to endure harsh winters and to submit to humiliating performances every night to swell the coffers of loving masters. "

The President of the Lav Gianluca Felicetti seek the approval of a law along the lines of other countries to abolish the performances of all animals in circuses, greater control by local authorities before granting authorization to perform and the 'autopsy on the dead giraffe.
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