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December 27, 2008 -- Animal Liberation Graffiti

December 18, 2008 -- Windows Smashed at Fur Retailer

reported by activists in Italy:

"December 18th - Sassuolo (modena) - Italy
Local newspapers report a direct action at a Max Mara shop in the centre of Sassuolo. The shop has been damaged with paint, smashed windows and spraypainted slogans againt fur."

December 13, 2008 -- Fires Mark "A Night for Chickens"

anonymous report:

"Varese (Italy) - December 2, 2008
Incendiary devices have been left near cars (one of them a Porsche) owned by 'Japan Chick Sexing', a company specialized in sexing chicks. This is the first ring of a chain of exploitation linking cages, imprisonment, intensive farms, slaughterhouses.
Sexing chicks means dividing newborn chicks by sex, killing the wrong ones with suffocation or mincing them.
Males born from genetic selection whose goal is to have egg-producing females will be killed, they will never produce eggs!
Hens born from a selection to have fast fattening males will be killed, they will not produce enough eggs and will never be male chicks.

This was a night for the chicks.

ALF - Fire Group"

"Varese 2-12-08

Abbiamo posizionato degli ordigni incendiari accanto a due auto, tra cui una Porsche, appartenenti all'azienda Japan Chick Sexing, che si occupa del sessaggio dei pulcini.
Questo � il primo anello di una catena di sfruttamento che porta a gabbie, reclusione, allevamenti intensivi e macelli. Consiste nel dividere i pulcini appena nati in base al sesso e scartare, uccidendo per soffocamento o triturazione, quelli del sesso sbagliato: i maschi
nati da una selezione genetica per avere galline produttrici di uova sono uccisi, non faranno mai uova! Le femmine nate da una selezione per galletti grassi vengono uccise, non saranno mai galletti e non faranno mai abbastanza uova!

Questa � stata una notte per i pulcini.
ALF - Gruppo fuochisti"

December 3, 2008 -- Hunting Tower Reduce to Ashes

reported on : "Lanzo D'Intelvi (Como) - Italy

The last hunting tower in the county has been burned. The one burnt down last year has never been rebuilt. 'These hunting towers are given to hunters under paid concession by the city council, now they can give them a couple piles of ashes,' an anonymous communique reads."

December 1, 2008 -- Red Paint Thrown onto Max Mara Shops

reported by activists in Italy:

"Local newspapers report that damage occurred at both Max Mara and Max & Co. shops in the city centre of Pesaro. Locks were glued and a lot of paint thrown at the entrance and on walls. Leaflets against the sale of fur were left near the entrance." Click here for additional photos.

November 8 , 2008 -- 2000 Mink Released from Cages

According to a newspaper in northern Italy, someone entered a fur farm in Via Mazzarana (Mercadello di Novi, Modena) early in the morning of November 5 and opened the cages of around 2,000 mink. Some of the mink were recaptured but many are still free in the fields surrounding the farm. The farm was subject to a similar raid seven years ago.

November 7, 2008 -- Freedom for Thousands of Mink

anonymous communique received by activists in Italy:

"November 2, 2008 - Rome

Tonino Sbardella has been ruining the lives of thousands of mink for years inside the 15 sheds of his concentration camp on Mink Road in San Cesareo (Roma).
Inside the farm there were a lot of old cages that have been replaced by new cages, a few centimetres bigger... centimetres we do not care about... We do not want to see any living being inside bigger cages.
Tonight thousands of mink had the opportunity to feel real freedom, made of soft ground and running water to dive in.
Someone will say that many of the mink will end up under the tyres of cars, but we ask you: is there so much difference from a life in a cage waiting for a death sentence that has already been decided? We know the answer and tonight we acted, tearing down fences and opening all the cages.
This action, for those sharing our ideas, is an invitation to take part in the struggle, acting in this direction and going beyond your fears.
As it has been written on the walls of the farm:
'Freedom cannot be asked for, it can only be taken!'"

This farm has been raided at least three times before, in December 2007, March 2005 and in 1998.

November 5, 2008 -- Birds Safe from Hunters, Farmers

extracts from anonymous communiques received by La Nemesi magazine:

"Renate (Milano) - Italy
20 october 2008

18 singing birds have been liberated from a hunting cabin. They were used by hunters to call other birds. The same place had been emptied one year ago.
All the cages holding the birds have been smashed.
The birds have been released in a no-hunting area. One that was unable to fly is being cared for in a house, waiting for his moment to reach freedom."

- - -

"Cant� (como) - Italy

12 ducks have been liberated from a small farm already raided some months ago. These animals have been released in a lake.
The rabbits freed during the previous action, where the cages had been smashed, have not been replaced. This time only the hens could not be taken because the activists didn't have a house to keep them."

- - -

"Brunate (Como) - Italy
9 september.

Two hunting towers destroyed."

October 2, 2008 - Mink Farm Raided Twice in One Week

Before dawn on Tuesday, September 30 activists returned to the Anipel fur farm in San Martino Buon Albergo (VR), cut 40 meters of fencing and released 2,000 mink who had been recaptured following a raid a week earlier. Luca Begnini, son of the owner of the farm, told a local newspaper that the family may not be able to continue in the fur business. This farm has been targeted four times in the past two years.

September 26, 2008 -- Thousands of Mink Run Free, Farmers Worry About Their Future

The Italian news agency ANSA reported that on September 24 approximately 9,000 mink were released from cages at the Savi fur farm in Conco (Province of Vicenza). The fence was cut in many places. As many as 3,000 of the mink made their way outside of the fence and have not been recovered. An office/storage building at the same farm was destroyed in an arson attack in November 2005.

According to local newspapers, another liberation occurred in San Martino Buon Albergo (Province of Verona) at the Anipel mink farm on September 23. All cages at the farm were opened and fences cut, resulting in 3,000 minks liberated. Only half of them have been recaptured. The farmer said it has become harder for fur farms to find insurance. The same farm had been emptied in October 2006 and a food storage building and two trucks were torched a few months before that.

September 13, 2008 -- 20 Hens Liberated

reported by activists in Italy (click here for photos from the rescue):

"Undisclosed location in Central Italy - End of summer 2008
20 hens liberated from a battery farm"


September 13, 2008 -- Ducks, Rabbits Freed From Cages

anonymous report:

"Cant?(Italy) - End of july
All 10 rabbits and 2 ducks out of many more have been liberated from cages in a small farm. the rabbits cages have been smashed.
The ducks have been freed in a lake and immediately begun swimming happily.
The rabbits have been set free in a park and after a few days they could be seen running and hiding in bushes, happy for their new life."

September 11, 2008 -- Video Released From Rabbit Raid

Video from the July 29 raid at a rabbit farm in Abano Terme (PD). Click here to read the communique and view photos from the raid.


September 11, 2008 -- Liters of Oil Dumped at Pet Store

reported by activists in Italy:

"August 28th: Carpi (Modena)
The local Zoolandia store had its entrance and windows covered with 15 litres of used truck motor oil.

July 2008. the zoolandia pet shop in Parma has closed down after 18 months of attacks by the ALF."

September 9, 2008 -- Rabbits Liberated, Cages Destroyed

reported by activists in Italy:

"GALLIERA (PD) - Italy - September 8
Newspapers report a liberation of 20 rabbits from a small farm. It seems the cages have been destroyed too."

September 1, 2008 -- Activists Target Escada Employee


"Rome - August 21
The street where Silvia Correggia lives has been covered with posters showing skinned animals killed for the fur industry and saying she is responsible because of her position in the Escada company. The wall in front of her house has been used to spraypaint 'Silvia Correggia killer!'"

comunicato ricevuto ed inoltrato da La Nemesi:

La notte tra gioved?21 agosto e venerd?22 decine di manifesti sono apparsi in via Alberto Pollio 30, residenza di Silvia Correggia, persona al soldo di Escada, responsabile dell'uccisione di milioni di animali per gli squallidi mercati della pelliccia e della moda.
Lasciata anche la scritta "Silvia Correggia assassina!" sul muro di fronte a casa. Non ci sar?mai tregua o posto tranquillo per gli sfruttatori!
pssss.... noi arriviamo ovunque.

Animal Angry Brigade"

August 13, 2008 -- Rabbits Rescued from Breeder

anonymous communique received by La Nemesi magazine (click here for additional photos):

"The night between the 28th and 29th of july we entered the rabbit farm of Lino Fasolato in Via Appia 98 in Abano Terme (PD). This man has been supplying vivisectors all over Italy for many years and in 1991 he was caught in another dirty business: he was catching stray dogs without license and selling them to labs.
The work of Fasolato family deserves no respect and we had no remorse ruining his activity.
What these people consider only as a commodity to be sold are actually wonderful living beings, each of them with an individuality and the desire to breathe fresh air, see the sunlight, run in the grass, dig a hole in the ground, live their life.
For those who see this farm from the outside it is a shed like many others, for those working in it a job like many others.
For the animals concentrated in this hell it is neverending torture. Closed and crowded one on the other in small cages, where they cannot even stand on their feet, stretch the legs or move like every living body needs to do, the rabbits lay here without knowing the reason of such a wasted life: killed by boredom, from physical pain, stress and depression, later on by ignorance and cruelty of researchers in labs.
These people claim their work as absolutely important for our life, giving as granted that the thousands of drugs and cosmetics on the market after being tested on animals are so necessary for our well being.
Even if this was true, there would be no reason to raise and make suffer other inhabitants of this world to fulfill human needs.
Every animal (human included) owns the vital instinct to hide when it feels in danger, to have a protected area, and for these rabbits not being able to dig holes makes them crazy.
We cannot stop thinking about them: from the first time we entered, during a reconnaissance, their eyes and the conditions have been in our minds: dozens of small babies fallen from the cages into the waste pits, dying in faeces; other crushed by the weight of their brothers or with horrible malformations.

After emptying completely some rows of cages we smashed them so that the farmer will have problems putting back those he will catch.
Thirty lucky rabbits came with us and are now in a free and protected environment.
Some pictures and a video can help you have an idea of Fasolato?s farm.

No to torture!
No vivisection!
Dedicated to all those rabbits we couldn?t bring out of that hell.
Dedicated to paola, daniele and Francesco behind bars in itlian prisons.
Dedicated to austrian actiists? this is also for you!

Fronte di Liberazione Animale"

"a notte tra il 28 e il 29 luglio 2008 siamo entrati nell'allevamento di conigli di Lino Fasolato in via Appia 98 ad Abano Terme (PD). Da molti anni questo signore rifornisce i vivisettori di tutta italia e nel 1991 fu scoperto un altro suo losco traffico: accalappiava cani per le strade senza averne la licenza e li rivendeva ai laboratori di vivisezione.
Il lavoro della famiglia Fasolato non ?degno di rispetto e noi non abbiamo avuto problemi di coscienza nel rovinare la sua attivit?
Ci?che per questa gente ?solo merce da vendere in realt?sono esseri viventi incantevoli, ognuno con una propria individualit?e con il desiderio innato di respirare aria pulita, vedere la luce del sole, correre sull'erba, scavare nella terra, costruirsi delle tane, vivere la vita.
Per chi lo vede dall'esterno l'allevamento ?solo un capannone come tanti, per chi ci lavora ?un lavoro come altri.
Per gli animali che qui sono concentrati ?un luogo infernale ,una tortura perenne. Chiusi e ammassati l'uno sull'altro in gabbie piccole che non permettono nemmeno di alzarsi in piedi, di allungare le zampe, di fare i movimenti di cui tutti i corpi di tutti gli esseri vivienti necessitano, i conigli giacciono senza capire il perch?di una vita cos? sprecata: uccisi prima dalla noia, dal dolore fisico, dalla disperazione, dallo stress e dalla depressione, e poi uccisi dall'ignoranza e dalla crudelt?dei ricercatori nei laboratori.
Queste persone presentano il loro lavoro come indispensabile per la nostra vita, dando per scontato che le migliaia di farmaci e cosmetici immessi sul mercato e precedentemente testati sugli animali siano necessari e irrinunciabili per il benessere dell'umanit?
Ma anche se lo fossero non c'?ragione per cui altri abitanti di questo mondo vengano fatti nascere e fatti soffrire unicamenete per soddisfare dei bisogni umani.
Ogni animale (compreso l'uomo) possiede il vitale istinto di nascondersi quando si sente in pericolo, di avere una propria area protetta da invadenze esterne, e per questi conigli il fatto di non poter scavare cunicoli e crearsi una tana ?fonte di disagio da far impazzire.
Non riusciamo a smettere di pensare a loro: dalla prima volta che siamo entrati, durante un sopralluogo, i loro occhi e le loro condizioni sono rimasti un pensiero fisso: decine di conigli nati da pochi giorni caduti dalle gabbie nelle latrine sottostanti e sommersi dalle feci; altri schiacciati dai loro simili e con orrende malformazioni e deformazioni del corpo.
Dopo aver svuotato completamente alcune file di gabbie, le abbiamo distrutte in modo che l'allevatore avr?difficolt?a risistemare gli animali eventualmente ricatturati.
Una trentina di conigli pi?fortunati sono venuti via insieme a noi e ora vivono liberi e al sicuro.
Alcune foto e un video sono a disposizione di chi voglia farsi una idea dell'azienda di Fasolato.
NO alla tortura?
NO alla vivisezione!
Dedicato a tutti i conigli che non abbiamo potuto portar fuori da quell'inferno.
Dedicato ai fratelli e alle sorelle che sono in carcere per il loro impegno,
Dedicato a Paola, Francesco e Daniele rinchiusi nelle carceri italiane
Dedicato agli attivisti austriaci...questa ?anche per voi!!
Fronte di Liberazione Animale"

August 8, 2008 -- Thousands of Pheasants Escape from Farm

reported by activists in Italy:

"July 29th 2008 Figino serenza (Como)
In the first hours of the morning we entered the property of pheasant farm 'Roncorone' and put ourselves at work. One complete side of the prison (divided into different sheds) has been cut. In the meantime we also cut the net on the ceiling, opening big holes to the starry night.
In this way the animals can run to freedom, instead of living in a cage and dying shot by hunters.
Animals are our brothers and sisters and we have to liberate them from the cruelty of their exploiters.
No cage is stronger than the love we feel."

June 19, 2008 -- Chicken Liberated, Hunting Tower Torched

anonymous reports:

30th May - h 21.00 - Mountains of Emilia Region, Italy.
We set on fire a hunting tower placed in a wood populated by boars.
We have destroyed it with two liters of gasoline ignited by a retardant primer.
- A.L.F. -

Night of 5th June - Emilia Region, Italy.
A small chicken farm was visited again (see the communique of last month).
We have liberated one cock (the only male present) and slashed the tires of the car of the farmer.
- A.L.F. -

These actions are dedicated to Paola. She is a vegan, animal rights activist, prisoner in 'Le Sughere' Italian jail.
Please write* and support her.
Also, please support the victims of state repression in Italy and Austria.
Freedom for all!
Liberta 'per tutti!"

*prison address:
Paola Gori
Via delle Macchie 9
57124 Livorno

June 8, 2008 -- Hunting Tower Torched

received anonymously:

"Emilia Region.
In the night of May 23rd a hunting tower was burned.

June 6, 2008 -- 11 Chicks Liberated

anonymous report:

"Emilia Region - Italy - 15th May

Eleven chicks were liberated from a small farm.


May 12, 2008 -- Rabbits Rescued, Fur Shop Painted, Zoo Protested

reported by activists in Italy:

"End of April - Luino (Varese)
The house of franco Di Giacomo gets splashed with paint and covered with spraypainted slogans. Di Giacomo is a friend of Daris De Rocchi, owner of many circuses and of Alfa 3000, the company that wants to build a new zoo in Ravenna. De Rocchi's legal address is at this same house of his friend.
The action has been claimed in opposition to the building of the new zoo.

April - Como
Activists rescued 9 rabbits from a small farmer in Fino Mornasco and
another 7 from a farm in Montano Lucino. The cages have been smashed in both cases and the rabbits released in a wonderful place, except 2 white rabbits that have been rehomed.

April 25 - Milano
The fur shop 'Alta Moda' has been attacked with red paint in solidarity with activists who were stopped by police in front of that same fur shop in January."

May 8, 2008 -- Locks Ruined at Fur, Hunting Shops

received anonymously:

"Rome, Italy.

In the night between monday and tuesday we have locked four furriers shops and two shops for hunting and fishing. The next day we have seen the bastard owners working under the hot sun to repair their keyholes."

May 6, 2008 -- Meat Van Destroyed by Fire

anonymous communique:

"Modena, Italy - During the night of April 25th (63rd national day in memory of the liberation of the country from Nazi-fascist dictatorship) we put an incendiary device under a 'Negroni' meat van (Veronesi Group). The result was the complete destruction of the van.

Viva la Liberazione!

- A.L.F Partisans"

May 5, 2008 -- Three Days, Three Visits to Zoolandia Pet Store

received anonymously:

"Some direct actions against 'Zoolandia' pet shops chain in the Emilia-Romagna region, Italy.

April 9th - Sassuolo (MO). The front wall was spray-painted with slogans.
April 10th - Carpi (MO). 2 liters of used engine oil soiled the two doors of the local shop.
April 11th - Sassuolo (MO). The front door was spray-painted with slogans."

May 5, 2008 -- Hunting Club Hit

reported by activists in Italy:

"April 30 - Albiolo (CO) - Italy
The local hunters club has been sabotaged with smashed windows, paint and slogans on walls, tables, etc.
This club is also a training ground for hunters and dogs. In the past years cages full of quails have been emptied more than once by liberators."

May 2, 2008 -- Retailer Goes Fur-Free After Campaign

reported by activists in Italy:

"May 1st - Crema (Italy)
The local Stefanel shop has been attacked with red paint and slogans on their windows like 'defend the animals - attack stefanel.'"

Note: Stefanel recently vowed to adopt a fur-free policy for all their brands.

April 30 , 2008 -- Paintbombs Hit Mayors House to Protest Zoo

reported by activists in Italy:

"April 4th - Ravenna - Italy
Local media announce that the house of Fabrizio Matteucci, Mayor of
Ravenna, has been hit with paintbombs and sloganized during the night. The slogans read 'no to the zoo' - 'Matteucci stop the zoo' - 'Shame on Matteucci'.
A project to build a new zoo has been approved by the local authorities and a campaign is trying to stop this project with continuous demos and information stalls. Two months ago 400 people marched in ravenna aginst the construction of this zoo."

April 10, 2008 -- Rabbit Farmer Attacked

reported by activists in Italy:

"April 3 - Castelnuovo B. (Como)
Anonymous activists claimed an action agianst Mr Turri, a rabbit farmer whose farm 'La Costa' had been raided a few months ago with 3.000 animals freed and a video released documenting filthy conditions. The activists say in response to Mr Turri continuing his activity they paintstripped his car, which he surely loves more than any animals life."

April 3, 2008 -- Flames Destroy Vivisection Supplier HQ

According to the media, a fire destroyed the headquarters of Ugo Basile, a leader in the production of vivisection equipment, in Comerio (Varese). The fire started early in the morning on March 30 and gutted the 3-story building. There has been no claim of responsibility but police believe the fire was intentional.

*Ugo Basile has a North American branch in Schwenksville, PA.

April 3, 2008 -- ALF Ruin Novartis Executive's Cars

reported by activists in Italy:

"26 March 2008 - Castelnuovo Berardenga (Siena)

Rino Rappuoli, Novartis global head of vaccine research, had his posh cars
covered with paint and paintstripper by the ALF. The action has been
claimed to aboveground goups linking Rappuoli to vivisection in the
Novartis Siena labs and Novartis involvement with HLS."

April 2, 2008 -- Circus Patrons Stuck with Flat Tires

recent actions reported by activists in Italy:

"24 February - Sassuolo (MO):
Ten cars of spectators at 'NIUMAN' circus had their tyres slashed.

March - Emilia:
A small rabbit farm already raided some months ago has been visited; only
two guinea pigs were found and immediately rescued.

19 March - Ramiseto (RE)
A small rabbit farm raided in 2003 has been found closed and dismantled.
In the same night this cell visited a mink farm in the same town to
confirm its closure and completely abandoned state.

23 March - Emilia
A turtle has been stolen from a pet-shop."

March 30, 2008 -- Rabbit Rescued, Tires Slashed on Meat Co. Vans

reported by activists in Italy:

"7/02/08 Bamporto (MO)
The same small rabbit farm raided in September was visited again and the only remaining male breeder has been rescued.

14/02/08 Felino (PR)
Tyres of a meat company van were slashed.

15/02/08 Colline Emiliane
Hunting platform sawed and destroyed.

18/02/08 Emilia
Tyres slashed on a AIA meat company van.

20/02/08 Emilia
More tyres slashed for another AIA meat van."

March 3, 2008 -- Cars Torched at Vivisection Supplier

anonymous communique:

"Rome - 25 February
We left incendiary devices under two cars of 'Plaisant' in Fonte Nuova (Rome).
'Plaisant' offers services to vivisection labs... we offer them a purifying fire.

For all the animals still dying,

Fire and freedom group"

"Roma - 25 febbraio
Abbiamo lasciato congegni incendiari sotto due auto della "Plaisant" a
Fonte Nuova (Roma).
"Plaisant" offre servizi ai laboratori di vivisezione...noi le offriamo un
fuoco purificatore!

Per tutti gli animali che continuano a morire,

Gruppo di fuoco e liberta'

March 2, 2008 -- Japanese Consulate Attacked

reported by activists in Italy:

"'Japan: terror of the sea'
Milan, evening of February 21

A little effort and a few minutes were enough to express to the Japanese consulate a fraction of the hatred we feel for the disgusting slaughter of whales that is now taking place in the waters off Antarctica.
With abundant paint we smeared the door and walls
With glue we closed the lock on the door and then we left messages to clarify the reason for our actions:
'STOP THE WHALE MASSACRE', 'MURDERERS', 'EXECUTIONERS'. The embassies and consulates of Japan all over the world must know of the hatred for the government that they represent and the desire for revenge.
The whole world has seen the terrible images of a whale, harpooned and hoisted onto a ship while slowly dying.
Japan has decided, for so-called scientific purposes, to continue to kill these wonderful animals pushing them toward extinction.
It remains for us to respond in our way ...

"Giappone terrore dei mari"
Milano, serata del 21 febbraio

Poco impegno e pochi minuti sono bastati per far assaggiare al consolato
giapponese una minima parte dell'odio che proviamo per la disgustosa
mattanza di balene che proprio in questo periodo sta avendo luogo nei mari
Con abbondante vernice abbiamo imbrattato il portone i muri e il selciato
con della colla abbiamo chiuso la serratura del portone e poi abbiamo
lasciato delle veloci scritte che chiariscono il motivo del nostro gesto:
'STOP MASSACRE BALENE', 'ASSASSINS', 'BOIA'. Le ambasciate e i consolati del giappone in tutto il mondo devono sapere che per il governo che loro rappresentano non esiste altro che odio e desiderio di vendetta.
Tutto il mondo ha visto le immagini tremende di una balena e del suo
piccolo arpionati e issati sulla baleniera, mentre agonizzavano
Il Giappone ha fatto la sua scelta: per scopi cosidetti scientifici, come
sempre inutili, continuera' a uccidere questi meravigliosi animali
spingendoli verso l'estinzione.
A noi non resta che rispondere a modo nostro...

February 12, 2008 - 20,000 Pheasants Freed

reported by activists in Italy:

"February 8 - Minerbio (Bologna)

Local newspapers report that about 20.000 pheasants have been freed from a farm breeding them to rebuild hunting populations. The activists cut 5 out of the 20 sheds imprisoning the animals and signed the action with spraypainted slogans like 'free the animals' or '1945-2008- the holocauts is not finished yet'.

The owner of the farm says he is importing the animals from eastern
european countries and he never had any problems or threats in 30 years of activity. Damages are estimated at 10.000 euros."

February 11, 2008 - Six Rabbits Freed In Return Visit to Farm

anonymous report:

"February 3, 2008:
Galeotta farm, Nuova Uguzzolo (PR)

Tonight we inspected the farm to take stock of the situation 6 months after a previous liberation. Among the many pheasants we noticed 6 rabbits in a cage. The desire to free them was too much and although it was not part of the plan we opened the cages and returned them to nature."

Azienda Agricola Galeotta Nuova Uguzzolo (PR)

Questa notte abbiamo ispezionato l'allevamento per fare il punto della situazione a distanza di 6 mesi dall'ultima liberazione. Fra i tanti fagiani abbiamo notato 6 conigli in gabbia. La voglia di liberarli era troppa e anche se fuori programma gli abbiamo aperto le gabbie e restituiti alla natura.

February 11, 2008 - Cars Vandalized at Home of Zoolandia Owners

anonymous message:

"3.2.08 - Reggio Emilia - Via Emilia Romagna - dinner time

In front of the home of the Grazioli family, owners of Zoolandia, there luxurious Mercedes bought with the agony of animals, received special treatment: all tires were punctured.

PSSSSS ... A.L.F."

"3.2.08 - Reggio Emilia - Via Emilia Romagna - Ora di cena

Davanti all'abitazione della famiglia Grazioli proprietaria di Zoolandia la loro loro lussuosa mercedes acquistata con l'agonia degli animali, ha ricevuto uno speciale trattamento: tutti i pneumatici sono stati squarciati.


February 11, 2008 - Machinery Wrecked at Zoo Construction Site

reported by activists in Italy:

"January 20 - Ravenna
Tanks, cables and other machinery vandalized, fences destroyed, at the site of a new zoo under construction. Damages estimated at six thousand euros."

Click here for information about the campaign to stop the zoo.


February 3, 2008 - 100 Hares Run Free

reported by activists in Italy:

"January 17 - Rivanazzano (Italy)

More than 100 hares have been liberated from the cages of a farm breeding them to rebuild populations in hunting areas. The liberators claimed the action with a communique sent to aboveground activists and explained they opened the cages and cut down the fences surrounding the farm, in order to let the animals run free in the fields and woods. Unfortunately the vicinity of some cages to the farmer's house and the noise produced by the animals made the action too risky and it was decided to cut it short, leaving some of the hares still in there. The activists also said they saw many of the animals run out of their cages and touch the earth for the first time, disappearing in the night."

January 18, 2008 -- Vivisection Protested With Stones and Paint

On New Years Eve, a building in Busto Arsizio that will house a vivisection laboratory was hit with stones and paint.

Click here for more information about a new campaign against vivisection in universities in Italy's Insubria region.

January 18, 2008 -- Campaign Continues Against Pet Store Chain

recent actions reported by activists in Italy:

22 sassuolo (MO)
Windows at Zoolandia pet-store smashed

23 Sassuolo (MO)
Zoolandia store attacked with 2 litres of paint on the entrance

28 Emilia
2 hens liberated from a small farmer.

31 Sassuolo (MO)
A 15 kilos stone helps activists to smash the entrance at Zoolandia pet-store

5: Emilia
a hamster is 'stolen' from a small pet-shop and is now in good hands."

January 13, 2008 -- War Against Fur in Milan

reported by activists in Italy:

"january 4 - Milano

7 fur shops have received different forms of sabotage in one night. The sabotages varied from smashing the signs or the windows, spraypainting slogans, throwing paint and gluing locks. 'We started the new year with a declaration of war against fur-shops in Milano' claimed the activists in a communique, that they signed 'see you soon, Vendetta'".

january 6 - Milano

Two different Coin department stores have been attcked in the same night against their involvement in the fur trade. Italy's biggest Coin store in 5 Giornate square has been hit with paint, spraypainted slogans and etching fluid on the windows.

Another Coin store had its windows and entrances spraypainted and one sign smashed with stones. (Coin is under a strong anti-fur campaign, with more than 60 demos in the first 2 months of campaign all over the country.)"

January 12 2008 -- Birds Safe From Hunters

reported by activists in Italy:

"December 26 - Renate Brianza (Milano)

10 singing birds have been freed from cages at a hunting tower. the birds have been taken to a no-hunting park. Activists claimed the action saying there will be no peace for hunters in 2008."

January 8, 2008 - 2000 Mink Escape in Third Raid on Fur Farm

reported by activists in Italy:

"On December 28 a mink farm located in San Cesareo (Rome) was targeted by animal rights activists who claimed the liberation of 2000 mink in a letter sent to the press. The activists said they cut hundreds of meters of fencing in order to let the animals escape. This farm has been subject to at least two liberations in the past."

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