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The PHA Phoenix Air Flight No. 08021201 which was supposed to land in Rome Fiumicino August 1, 2012 to the early hours of the morning was canceled.

This charter flight passengers not wearing normal in Italy, but a load Vervet monkeys to yellow-23, captured in the forests of Barbados and destined for vivisection experiments in the laboratories of Novartis.

The flight was canceled the same day earlier Novartis.

Now that the topic is hot vivisection pharmaceutical industries are afraid and they cancel the flights of torture, as hypothesized trick controls, communications and authorizations.

IMPORTANT: Novartis is trying to get the monkeys in the next days making landing and taking them abroad in Italy through vans. Italian airports are now considered dangerous for their image. We must act now and make us feel!

The final destination of these animals is the Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics Ltd, a company based in Siena, Via Fiorentina, 1.

It's the second time this year that Novartis cancels an order of primates for experimentation. The first time it happened in March, close to HARLAN scandal. That time was enough that the news leak out and become public domain. Clear sign, that which the vivisectors like working in the shadows and no one knows what they do to animals, where prisoners are kept, where and when they come.

In Barbados and the neighboring islands of Nevis & StKitts monkeys yellow-hunted because they are considered harmful to crops and sent by some companies to laboratories. Doing this, however, is become increasingly difficult since airlines such as Amerijet, Caribbean Airlines, Choice Airways, Monarch Air and others have ceased to transporting primates for vivisection from the islands of the Caribbean.

The only way that vivisectors have to bring these animals into the death is to hire charter flights, such as Phoenix Air.

This moment is so important to give a signal and also to ask Phoenix Air to halt the loading and transport of animals for vivisection.

Use the mail below and the letter in English and please feel voices of animals!

Director of Phoenix Air:


Mark H. Thompson

Phoenix Air Group, Inc.

100 Phoenix Air Drive SW

Cartersville, GA 30120



-------  ,  ,  ,

Form letter:


Dear Mr. Thompson:

It is our understanding That Phoenix Air Group was recently contracted by Novartis to transport a group of non-human primates from Barbados to Italy. The animals Were Destined For Laboratory Experimentation. I urge Phoenix Air Group to dissociate you from the cruelty and suffering of the International trade in primates by Refusing to transport primates Destined for the research industry.

Each year, on the islands of Barbados and St. Kitts & Nevis, has hundreds of green / vervet monkeys are torn from their Families and forest and homes Either Directly exported for biomedical research or imprisoned on farms to produces offspring to be exported to laboratories around the world. Ounces wild and free, These sensitive and intelligent animals end in Their Lives laboratories where pain and suffering are routine.

There are an Increasing number of airlines That Were ounces of carriers primates, but Which now refuse to transport primates for the research industry. That Airlines have made this compassionate decision includes Such leading cargo airlines as Lufthansa Cargo, Cargolux and DHL Aviation, as well as the major airlines American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, U.S. Airways, British Airways, Korean Air and Caribbean Airlines.

Thank you,


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