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Vegan Activist Wins Big Brother! | Tal Gilboa

Published on Sep 5, 2014

Israel is on the fast track to become the world’s first vegan nation. and they took a huge step this week when a vegan activist won Israel's big brother television show. i want to introduce you all to Tal Gilboa, one of israel’s most prominent animal rights activists and one kick-ass vegan. big brother is the most-watched entertainment show in Israel and throughout this season, Tal has been there to speak up for the animals. her activism has had an incredible impact, with a recent poll showing that 49% or viewers changed their minds regarding animal suffering in the food industry and an incredible 60% saying they will make a change or have already made a change in their eating habits because of the show.

see the full article about Tal winning at The Vegan Woman: and their article on Isreal beaming the first vegan nation here:

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