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Veganism & Activism in Israel

Amirim, Israel: The world's first vegan village Interview with Dr. Ohn-Bar, one of the inhabitants

Actions Reported to Biteback - 2015
Actions Reported to Biteback - 2007-2014

Anti-vivisection based on commercial by tel-aviv-yafo collage  which is building a vivisection lab.
Made by animal liberation group "animal log" (
for "sogrot - closing down animal abusing institutions" (

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Activists Block Slaughterhouse - July 2015

2nd Slaughterhouse Closed - July 2015

Israel shutters slaughterhouse following animal-cruelty allegations - June 2015

Dirty Politics Holding Up a Bill to Ban the Sale of Fur in Israel - May 2015

Vegan Activist Wins Big Brother! | Tal Gilboa - March 2015

Livni commits to animal rights advocacy during shelter visit - Feb 2015

Israeli buys 1,300 monkeys, saving them from harsh fate - January 2015

Major animal protest in Israel - Dec 2014

Israel, the promised land for vegans - Oct 2014

Israel first country to ban cart horses - Sept 2014

How did Israel turn vegan overnight? - Sept 2014

The First Vegan Nation? - January 14, 2014

Release 250 chickens before slaughtering:
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Release cocks day after nighttime operation:
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Blocking slaughterhouse "Soglowek" for 18 hours: 1073741831.447541528699077&type=3&theater

Exposure of calves fattening farm:

Crows release from traps:

Ministerial panel: Executives responsible for animal abuse in companies - Feb 2014

The Vegan Revolution - Prime Time in Israel - Feb 2014

Is Israel Going to be the First Vegan Nation? - January 2014

Pamela Anderson to Netanyahu: Ban fur sales in Israel - January 2014

Gary Yourofsky to Speak at the Israeli Knesset - December 2013

PM establishes team to determine placement of AR authority - 11/13

The rise of Israel's animal rights movement - Nov 2013

Will Scandal at Israeli Slaughterhouse Change Jews' Diets? - Nov 2013

Netanyahu and wife join Meatless Monday initiative - November 2013

Undercover Investigation at Chicken Slaughterhouse - October 2013

395 chickens saved and more Kaparot news from Israel - Sept 2013

Look Into Their Eyes: the biggest Israeli demonstration for AR - Sept 2013

Activists chain themselves to slaughterhouse's gates - Sept 2013

Prominent Rabbi says 'no' to traditional Shtreimel fur hats - Sept 2013

Thousands of demonstrators for animal liberation in Tel-Aviv - August 2013

ARAs fight abuse, electrocution of lambs and calves - August 2013

Foie Gras Soon to be Banned - July 2013

Rights activists: More must be done to prevent hatchery chick suffering - July 2013

Israeli Company Sued over Cruelty to Kosher Slaughtered Animals - June 2013

ARAs protest foie gras import, trade - June 2013

Extreme AR group promotes human branding in solidarity with animals - June 2103

Blockage of Foie Gras Import Ban Sparks Outrage - June 2103

C'tee approves bill banning foie gras imports, sales - June 2013

Judge: Promote recognition of animal legal rights - May 2013

Israel Arrests Ten 269life ARAs, 300 Protest in Tel Aviv - May 2013

Ten ARAs Arrested in Connection with Decapitation Displays - April 2013

(Israel) Arab Schools Embrace Humane Education - March 2013

Animal Rights Vandalism In Tel Aviv And Jaffa - March 2013

Sale of animal-tested products to become illegal in Israel as 2013 rings in - December 2012

Israeli activist on hunger strike against monkey breeding farm - December 2012

300 Protest Tnuva, Call for CEO's Resignation - December 2012

Good News For Animals in Israel - Dec 2012

Animal rights groups thank Katz for ban - December 2012

Israel Goes Vegan - November 2012

Calf 269 - November 2012

Israeli Vegan Activists to Protest Animal 'Holocaust' by Tattooing Livestock Numbers - November 2012

Israel ARA "Go Vegan" Video - October 2012

Animal rights activists protest 'exploitation' in TA - October 2012

Shocking demo in Israel: ARAs branded by hot steel - October 2012

Stop the animal holocaust - September 2012

'Stop American Terrorist from Speaking in Israel' - August 2012

Israel Reconsidering Fur Ban - August 2012

ARAs in Israel Call for Horse-Drawn Cart Ban - July 2012

Footage from a turkey hatchery in Israel - June 2012

CHAI on Expanding The Circle of Compassion - May 2012

Court suspends shipment of monkeys to US lab - April 2012

Woman Wades into Jordan River to Save Dove Discarded by Clergy - Feb 2012

Israel JPost anti-horse racing article - Dec 2011

Israelis Demonstrate Against Fur Trade Cruelty - Dec 2011

Israel Bans Declawing - December 2011

ISRAEL: anti-horse racing article - October 2011

Activists in Israel to Protest the Ukraine's Animal Cruelty - October 2011

400,000 people in Israel demonstrated - October 2011

AR group campaigns against vineyard fencing - September 2011

New org to educate the haredi community about animal rights - April 2011

New Israeli Prisoner - January 2011

New circular protects animals used in experimentation - January 2011

Israel Ministerial committee approves bill banning animal testing for cosmetics - Dec 2010

The Israeli Primate Sanctuary - December 2010

Israeli Anti-Fur Demo - November 2010

Factory Farmers Exposed in Israel - November 2010

Bill to Ban Fur Gets Fuzzy - Oct 2010

Israeli activists interrupted Davis Cup game - Sept 2010

Israel Poised to Ban Fur Trade - August 2010

Israel Debates Move to Ban Fur Trade - May 2010

New Revelations of Extreme Cruelty Behind Meat Supplied to Israel - 4/2010

In Israel, the fur is flying - over fur - April 2010

Israel Debates Banning Fur Trade - March 2010

Israel Creates Anti-Fur Import and Trade Bill - Feb 2010

AR Protest in Tel Aviv - Dec 09

Tel Aviv Bans Horse-Drawn Carts - November 2009

Major Israeli lab expose - October 2009

Israel Hopes to Become Fur Free - March 2009

A Nation of Animal Lovers Closes Its Eyes to the Massacre at the Gaza Zoo

Feb 2009: An Israeli animal rights group is behind a relief effort to assist animals in the Gaza Zoo.

The zoo came under attack during the offensive of December and January. A number of animals died while others were visibly distressed from the violence that unfolded.

The Israeli group 'Let the Animals Live' persuaded Ehud Barak, Israel's defense minister, to arrange entry for trucks carrying aid to the stricken zoo.

The Israeli agency said it was a joint-effort with a Palestinian animals welfare group, and other international organizations.

full story:

Israel's largest veal-farm in Bazra has closed down - February, 2009

August 2008. Activists lash out at Israel over increased animal testing. israelanimalsresearch_080807162338.

Police question actress Orna Banai after AR protest - Mar 08

Video Clip to Release the Monkeys from Weitzman Inst. - Feb 08

Israeli Parliament Marks First Animal Rights Day - Feb 08

Animal Rights Day 2008 - January 2008

Animal Rights signed in the Knesset - December 2007

'Treblinka for monkeys' slammed
http://www.evana. org/index. php?id=28885& lang=en - Dec 07

Undercover Investigation by "Let Animals Live - Israel" - Dec 07

Israel animal liberation video:

Israeli troops rescue rare eagles - July 2007

Anti-Animal Testing Law - May 2007

McDonalds had windows smashed - March 2007

Two ARA's Charged with "Illegal Gathering" - March 2007

Protest at China Embassy - February 2007

Jews Must Not Wear Fur Skinned from Live Animals - February 2007

Israel: Ban Animal Testing For Cosmetic/Cleaning Products - Jan. 2007

Alternatives to Animal Testing are Proposed - January 2007

download or watch Video. (250 mb .mpg) AR in Israhell-Diary of Israel Actions 1995-2006 -- Humane organization

Establishment of Knesset Lobby for Animal Welfare - December 2006

Animal Lobby - December 2006

Protest Mazor Farm's breeding - October 2006

McDonalds protest - October 2006

SHAC in Israel - August 25, 2006. Animal rights activists target Teva: 'Stop working with HLS'.

CHAI Alert - August 15, 2006. Lifeline to animals in evacuated areas. -- news in English.

Helping animals in the north July 27, 2006 (MS Word Doc)

A site about the situation of the animals in Northern Israel:

Live Israel - July 30, 2006

July 2006: Israeli humane societies with animals who need all the help we can provide: 

Three email addresses:

    [email protected] Talk to Eti 

    [email protected] Talk to Nina

    [email protected] and [email protected] Talk to Maya

AR Prosecutions -- May, 2006. Prosecutions against 4 animal rights activists from "Sogrot" group

Sogrot -- front page of web site of Sogrot AR group

Lizi with veal calf -- Two demonstrations

Act-Shevi video. Dec 2005.

Castro Demo -- November 11, 2005

Mac Ds -- Oct 205. Israelis marks anti-McDonald's day

Anim Day -- October 2005. Israeli Animal rights activitsm on World Farm Animals Day

2005 Protests

Rescue in Gaza -- August 2005. Animal Rescue

Anti fur protest Feb 13, 2006

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