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Israeli activist on hunger strike against monkey breeding farm

Noga Shanee would like help for an Israeli activist protesting abuse of primates at the Mazor Farm in Israel. She writes,

"An Israeli woman, Anabelle Zamir, is on hunger strike for the seventh day demanding the closure of the Mazor farm (a breeding centre for primates used in vivisection) in Israel, and she is getting very weak. The farm's activities have recently increased with thousands of macaque monkeys captured in Mauritius shipped there for breeding and later sent to be used in experiments. The hunger strike is taking place in front of the house of Gilad Erdan, the Israeli Minister of the Environment who has the responsibility to finalize the legal proceedings started at the beginning of 2012 against the Mazor Farm. With elections close at hand if a decision is not made soon it will be delayed indefinitely. The Israeli press seem to be silencing this protest and it gets very limited coverage. Anabelle was taken to hospital yesterday and returned to the protest and hundreds of supporters. We need urgent help in spreading this message in the international press to put pressure on the state of Israel to act immediately.

Also it would be great if you could send me contacts to all the anti-vivisection organizations you are in contact with it to write to them directly?"

Contacts for Gilad Erdan are at, his e-mail is

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