July 13, 2012

The Belfast City Council are demonic. See the second video in the link on Victoria Stilwell's website below:

link to the tribute to Lennox:

Belfast City Council. Contact us. General enquiries.
Belfast City Hall Belfast BT1 5GS Telephone: 028 9032 0202. Textphone: 028
9027 0405. Email: Top of page ...


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LENNOX T  Shirts Now on Sale - Proceeds Will Support Fight Against Breed-Discriminatory Legislation

We were extremely honored yesterday when we were contacted by the awesome people at wanting make a t-shirt to honor Lennox and donate the proceeds ($6/shirt) to StubbyDog as thanks for our work to change public perception about "pit bull" type dogs and educate about the tragedy of BDL. Two issues the Lennox Campaign has really brought to light internationally over the past two years....

You can purchase them at:

These shirts are a great way to not only honor Lennox, but also help educate others about the many flaws in logic of breed discriminatory legislation. They are natural conversation starters and a way to ignite some very important discussions.

In addition, over the next couple of weeks we are going to be re-posting some of our most important and educational articles/resources about BDL. These will help prepare you to intelligently discuss this issue with family, friends and your community.

This is where we make a difference folks. Right at home, in your backyard, at the dog park, shopping at the grocery store, running an errand. These moments of advocacy are how we can make sure Lennox's death will not be in vain!

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