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From the child you destroyed - N. Ireland

Your lies and duplicity as a Belfast Council person and/or person perpetrating this crime or who could have prevented it, resulted in the permanent scarring of a child and her family. I hope in your spineless refusal to do the right thing that you will remember for the rest of your life what you did to an innocent dog who was NOT dangerous, who lived for five years in the home as a beloved pet and the companion dog and service dog to a handicapped child that YOU have ruined forever. Lennox could not comfort that child after YOUR cruelties, but he was the beloved companion of the child and her family before he was ripped from them inappropriately by your dog warden.

Your Dog Warden tortured the bewildered and suffering Lennox, keeping him neglected and abused, while he longed for his family. Your incompetent Dog Wardens went to his family's address by mistake, and having done so they decided to seize this dog, who was laid back and who slept on the couch, because of the size of his head. You were wrong, you committed a crime against the family and against the dog.

This family spend what little money they had attempting to rescue their dog from the ignorant fiendish abuse from YOU and your constituents. You KNEW this dog was innocent, friendly, and he kissed all the abusers and begged to go home. You cruelly refused to let the child and her family ever see him again. You are uncivilized and barbaric. The dog was damaged physically and emotionally. He should have been back in his home, where he was their angel for five years and where he was safe. Instead he was still hoping his family would come even when he was KILLED for no reason, and according to a witness he was killed brutally and inhumanely.

Everybody internationally knows your Dog Warden lied about Lennox being dangerous, because we saw the actual videos of how sweet he was, and how she was slapping him in the face. She is abominable, and so are the people who, after Lennox was murdered, answered phone call inquiries by making animal sounds into the telephone. Sickening.

We who grieve for Lennox and his family because of the two-year vile treatment of, and your inhumane murder of Lennox, are comforted by the fact that God will deal with all of you, because He says vengeance is HIS. You committed a crime against a helpless dog and his family. The world now knows all about N. Ireland and the infidels who seized a sweet, innocent dog from his family, persecuted him and his family, and then murdered him.

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