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Circus Protest, Sept 2008

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Dear ARAN Members & Supporters

Animal Rights Action Network took our nationwide campaign called 'Stop Circus Suffering in Ireland' to Cork city to expose circus goers to animal suffering in travelling Irish circuses. Our stop today was outside Duffy's circus where our supporters staged a peaceful protest whilst distributing educational leaflets to passing members of the public and people going to see the circus.

The response from the public was fantastic, many people stopped to ask questions, take leaflets and others took the leaflets but still went into the circus - however we are confident judging by feedback from ex-circus goers that many of these people will never return to circuses using animals again. Animal Rights Action Network's point is that with the very best intentions in the world, travelling circuses cannot provide for the animals proper welfare whilst in their care. Circuses by their very nature pull up on any available land and these animals are shifted from one area to the next and constantly kept in transporters. Tigers are caged up all day long and only get reprieve when they are training, elephants can often be chained-up for painfully long periods also - again these magnificent creatures are forced to endure the Irish hard soil, wet climate, something that is completely unnatural to them, these animals regardless of them been captive bred or taken from the wild are not volunteers, they have been deprived of their precious freedom for a lifetime of cheap tricks.

Animal Rights Action Network's 'Stop Circus Suffering in Ireland' campaign is nationwide. In the coming months we'll be unveiling a new round of exciting campaign activities generating support across the country for an animal act free circus. The tide is turning against the use of animals in circuses and we firmly believe that Irish circuses that use animals are not making half as much money as they would if they went animal free, this would be a great way to revive their dying industry. We are dedicated and devoted to ensuring that every member of the public get's to see what goes on behind the big top and people can make their own decisions on if they want to support cruelty to animals or not!

Supporters from Animal Rights Action Network came from Cork, Kilmallock, Charleville and Limerick to support today's event. For those who could not make it we've taken some nice footage here for you to see, enjoy!

Thank you,

Animal Rights Action Network

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