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Brown Thomas Fur Protest

Today members of Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) held a hugely eye catching event outside of Brown Thomas on Grafton Street in Dublin to held push the campaign. With two activists posing �dead� inside coffins whilst clutching signs reading "Brown Thomas � Fur Is Dead" other members of ARAN also held posters reading "Your Fur Had A Face" and others held our synonymous animal rights banner "Speak Out For Animal Rights" this banner continues to appear at various ARAN events around the country. Other activists distributed leaflets to curious passersby.

Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) continues to campaign against Brown Thomas�s ongoing sales of real fur. Despite knowing exactly how animals are killed for their fur Brown Thomas continues to sell it. Over the last few months ARAN has being in regular discussions with BT�s most senior management to put forward a strategy that will help the store stop selling real fur and join the likes of Cleary�s department store who no longer sells any real fur. ARAN also showed Brown Thomas that you can still have that killer look without actually killing by showing that faking it is always far better for the animals and of course for the person wearing it, the only thing the wearer does not get is the killing and senseless slaughter.

ARAN has being coordinating a hugely popular campaign against Brown Thomas right across the country. Just recently we held a huge day of email and phone calling initiative, had activists protest inside and outside the store with blood soaked furs and with other nude activists sending a message "We�d Rather Bare Skin Than Wear Skin".

Please join the campaign to stop Brown Thomas selling fur.

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