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ARAN's Anti-Fur Outreach Event at Lady Gaga Concert Dublin

International artist Lady Gaga continues to wear the skins of many tormented, slaughtered animals, and the sad reality is that she is fully aware of the animals' suffering. Sadly, for as long as she wears the skins of these animals it sends out a careless message to her many millions of loyal fans telling them that's it's perfectly OK to wear fur - but we all know it's not. There's also another fact about Lady Gaga that we know she loves to be controversial and she loves headlines -- and sadly for many animals, they are paying a hefty price for her selfish, ignorant ways. Lady Gaga's fur wearing habits is also undoing huge amounts of hard work by the anti-fur movement in general. Take a moment now to watch a 50 second video that we put together of the event, click here!

At ARAN we're not ones to miss out on an opportunity to speak out for animals! On September 15 a team of roughly twenty-five campaigners gathered just outside of the perimeter where her Irish concert was been held. Prior to our outreach event, we started garnering international headlines on magazines, news and celebrity websites all over the world that ARAN were due to hold a protest outside of Lady Gaga's Irish concert at the Aviva Stadium. From OK! Magazine, Now, Starpulse, Contact Music and much more -- websites, blogs and gossip columns were speaking about our event giving every reader an insight into the ghastly fur trade. Here in Ireland the news was starting to hit news websites, blogs and that Saturday morning a full page in The Irish Daily Mirror got the news flying! This was accompanied by The Irish Star, Irish Independent, Irish Examiner, The Irish News, The Irish Times, The Irish Daily Mail. Websites such as,, and others were also covering the campaign. Radio stations all over the country were also covering our event along with Q102FM covering our outreach event live.

On the day of our Lady Gaga event, we distributed dozens of educational leaflets to her many fans in a peaceful non-confrontational manner which did seem to work. The press coverage we received in the run up to our event plus that day and the following Monday was to say the least, amazing. This press coverage not only exposes the fur trade for what it is, but it also has the opportunity to change the minds and hearts of the many people reading it -- prompting them to contact us to learn more. On the day of our Gaga outreach event, we had two separate couples of her fans who were going to the concert ask how they can get involved with ARAN's work.

Thank you for all you're doing to help animals and for your ongoing support of ARAN. At this stage our work is needed now than ever before, so please stay with us as the animals have no one but you.

ARAN 'Fighting animal abuse across Ireland'

P.S. Nice pictures of our peaceful, outreach event are below

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