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ARAN Update, September 2008

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Dear ARAN Supporters,

We have got just two weeks to go for the biggest 'Stop Cruelty to Animals in Ireland' event ever organized by ARAN or indeed any other Irish animal group and we hope you are as excited as we are about this upcoming event! Please keep reading on to learn more about what will happen on the day and please set aside this one special day to make sure you are with many other people as we celebrate animals and call for tougher laws to protect them - we just cannot do it with you!

Here are the meeting point details:-

When: Sunday, October 5th 2008
Where: Garden of Remembrance, Top of O'Connell Street, Dublin
Time: 1.30pm Sharp
Contact: Christina Lynch, Stephan Wymore, John Carmody or Shane Kiely 087-6275579

With the new Irish animal welfare bill coming into force hopefully this year, now has never been such a good time to raise awareness and kick up a fuss inside of Dail Eireann. We need to show the Irish government that there are people across Ireland who care deeply about animals and people who want to see an end to animal abuse once and for all. Animal Rights Action Network has been working with the Irish Gardai to ensure we have a proper safe route planned for our peaceful march where we'll set off from the Garden of Remembrance where we'll march down through the busy shopping district of O'Connell Street right down through Nassau Street and onto the Mont Clare hotel to hear some inspirational speech's from dedicated campaigners. We will be joined by our good friends from many of Ireland's other respected animal protection groups like CIWF Ireland, Irish Anti-vivisection Society, Irish Vegetarian Society and many more. We've also got support from many of Ireland's animal rescue groups and support from the ISPCA for this peaceful and touching event. We also have campaigners and supporters coming from Northern Ireland and we'll also hear words of support from Animal Rights Action Network's campaign partners at VIVA UK, Animal Aid, Uncaged, Naturewatch, National Anti-Vivi Section Society, Animal Defenders International and many more - respected groups whom have been speaking highly of our work to help animals.

We cannot overly state how important it is for you to be there with us! Please do whatever it takes to book the Sunday October 5th, 2008 off work, college, study or anything else that may stand in your way! Because of man-power and lack of resources we will not be organizing an event of this size for many more years to come - so please, let nothing stand in your way, be with us on October 5th. Please invite any friends and family along and be sure to have them watch our inspiring video  we've made for this event.

I am so excited about this event and I hope you are too!

See you there,

Christina Lynch
Animal Rights Action Network

Ps, because of the financial support we receive from many of ARAN's loyal supporters, this event has been made possible. These special groups of supporters are helping us to direct your average member of the public to the animal's plight and we're making a huge positive difference across the country, thank you.

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