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ARAN Supporters Stage Die-In On Australian Embassy

From: ARAN
Subject: Breaking News: ARAN Supporters Stage Die-In On Australian Embassy
July 24, 2008

Dear ARAN Supporters, Working in conjunction with our colleagues at the World Society for the Protection of Animals , supporters of Animal Rights Action Network staged a highly visual die-in on the steps of the Australian Embassy in Dublin to call for an end to the cruel live transport of over 4 million sheep from Australia to the middle east each year. It was all part of the international campaign called Handle With Care.  A letter calling on the Australian government was also handed into the embassy. The 'sheep' played dead whilst covered in 'blood' on the steps of the embassy behind barrier tape that we used to cordon off as a crime scene, the barrier tape read 'Crime Scene Do Not Enter', the sheep were also joined by other members holding signs drawing attention to the campaign's message to 'ban cruel long distance live sheep exports' whilst chanting 'Ban Live Exports - Shame on Australia'.

 Luckily for the animals and the campaign, the protest was covered on many national radio stations and news internet websites breaking/2008/0723/breaking4.htm  long before we staged the demo at 12noon yesterday. Our event was also attended by 6 photographers in total from some of Ireland's national newspapers along with radio reporters covering the event live which went out on the airwaves throughout yesterday, including, Matt Cooper's Last Word on Today FM which is one of Ireland's most listened to radio programs during drive time. Our campaign event was also covered by national newspapers including The Irish Times, Irish Independent and the Irish Mirror plus several news internet websites like, Kilkenny People and more.

 This event would not have been made possible if it were not for the many loyal ARAN members and supporters who kindly support our work in many different ways. From sending much needed donations, writing letters and emails, making phone calls and more importantly attending our protests  and supporting our work in other ways, it remains vital that we continue to receive your support in this way as we continue to highlight cruelty to animals and work towards reversing outdated and old ways of thinking about animals, it's time for society to sit up and realize that animals are not objects but sentient creatures, who, just like us can experience can experience pain, joy, sadness, suffering, loneliness and much more.

For yesterday's event we did not issue an action alert calling on everyone to attend, so please be sure to check out some exciting video footage  of yesterday's event that we obtained for you. Please enjoy it and know that Animal Rights Action Network will continue to remain a true, professional and reliable voice for animals with your support, so thank you for being there for ARAN and more importantly the animals that need your support right now. Be proud to be part of ARAN and our growing family of kind people.
Thank You,

 Animal Rights Action Network 'Fighting Animal Abuse Across Ireland Ps, Pictures are attached, if you do not receive them please email us directly so that we can send them to you and be sure to check out our website where we'll have a full posting on yesterday's event.

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