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The Nation Hears the Animals' Cries as Hundreds March for AR - With National Press Exposure

"There were so many wonderful things said yesterday by so many - it's clear that ARAN has exactly the right approach and that's the approach that will create the world we all want to see" -- Richard J Deboo (sic)

"Your work has changed my life" -- Mark Tynan (sic)

"But John how can I put it in words so impressive this rally was, better than Cork, and the people that spoke beforehand from the heart. It made Dympna and I soproud and there is hope now for animals with all the good people you have onboard. So well done again and here is to looking forward to good things for the animals" -- Anne McNamara (sic)

"It was a fabulous day, the energy was the best ever. It was so lovely hanging about the Garden of Remembrance and just watching so many people, the children and the dogs and the lovely vibes, in spite of the underlying sadness of it all. I loved the march down O'Connell St, holding up all the traffic and so many onlookers" -- Eireen and Emily Lee (sic)

"Your event was well organized with a touch of warmth to all your dedicated volunteers" -- Roberta Ronan (sic)

Dear Members, Supporters,

When we sent out a call for help you responded! You responded in your hundreds. Hundreds of people attended our national march and rally in Dublin on August 26 to call for tougher laws to protect animals. ARAN also used the event to expose people from across the nation to the bigger picture facing animals. Click here for some fantastic footage of the event.

The teamwork we experienced in the run up to the march was heartening. People from all over Ireland hit the streets, the shops, the cafes, veterinary surgeries and other public places to get our special rally promotion poster up! Whilst huge numbers of people who saw the poster did not attend, the poster certainly succeeded in planting a message in the minds of many and that is our goal.

In the week prior to the rally we began giving media interviews on stations such as Near FM, Tipperary FM, Dublin's 98FM, Ocean FM, SPIN 1038FMand others. The day before the rally The Irish Sun gave us a nice write up about the event. The morning of the rally almost every single national radio station in the country was covering our event including stations such as Q102,4FM, Dublin's 98FM, Newstalk, Today FM, FM104. Dozens of local radio stations in cities all over the country were also covering the story. Media outlets such as The Irish Examiner, Irish Independent, The Herald, The journal. ie, The Belfast Telegraph, Evening Echo and many more covered the planned rally. The Sunday Independent had a fantastic letter that also included details, along with a special FB advertising campaign that was sponsored by two generous and dedicated supporters.

Before our rally started, the nation was hearing about ARAN's campaigns to ban practices such as animal-act circuses, hare coursing, blood sports and much more. Our work with schools to promote the message of kindness to animals was also highlighted. Our job was done in many ways before we even got started. People began to arrive from noon onwards, our support table was set up, people started signing petitions to ban fur farming and soon it was time to hear the speeches. First up was Richard De Boo, a longtime animal rights campaigner from the UK who made an explosive statement on the crisis facing animals but, more importantly, how people can make a difference. Actor Rachel Pilkington, from RTE's "The Clinic" and "Glenroe" spoke about animals and their special qualities that we humans most often ignore. It was a touching moment to hear Rachel speak, with many shedding tears. Robin Oree was next up giving a hugely hard-hitting speech connecting human rights with animal rights -- Robin has spoken for ARAN recently on Dublin's98FM about the issue of "Dangerous Dogs". Martin O'Reilly from the Vegetarian Society of Ireland gave another fantastic speech about their work to promote a compassionate diet that is kind to animals, the earth and your health. ARAN's John Carmody also wrapped up with a touching spot on why it's important we speak out against animal exploitation and that one can make a difference. ARAN would like to send our sincere thanks out to a huge number of animal groups that attended or supported our event on Sunday including Dogs Aid, Dogs in Distress, Wicklow Cats, Animal Rescue Cobh, Drogheda Animal Rescue, Irish Council Against Blood Sports, Ash Animal Rescue, Vegetarian Society of Ireland, Monaghan SPCA, Offaly Animal Welfare, RAWR, Cork AnimalCare Society, Community Cats Network, Dublin SPCA, Limerick Animal Welfare, Laois SPCA, and many more.

Next up ARAN presented several campaigners with a special "Compassionate Activist Award". Award recipients were John Bull, Rita O'Sullivan, Jim Malone, Martin Connell, Dennise Waldron, Mary Kelly, Lis & Brid Leahy, Aoibhinn Gilroy and Rita-Marie Lawlor. Upon receiving their awards, they all said a few words that were highly emotional and words that touched people watching on.

It was time to march! As we headed off down Dublin's O'Connell Street our numbers swelled to fill almost the full width of the road going down the street -- this never happened in previous rallies. The chants were "There's No Excuse for Animal Abuse" -- "It's Time for Animal Rights". A giant banner led the march reading "Anima lExploitation Has Got to Stop, It's Time for Animal Rights". Children, their parents, young people, old people and people from all walks of life marched with us. Hundreds of tourists and people on the streets stopped to look and many took pictures and video footage. The march stopped for a one-minute silence for the many animals that are in trouble right now, before taking off down by Dame Street and heading back towards the Garden of Remembrance. Onceback there, we had a couple more activists speak such as David Scully, Eamonn Daly and Jane Hadcroft. Press coverage was great the following day with write ups in The Irish Independent, The Metro Herald, Irish Examiner, Irish Sun, Irish Star and Irish Mirror.

Animal rights is still new to Ireland! Our movement is growing at an incredible pace and as a result more and more people are coming on board and getting involved in everything that we do. There are more and more politicians taking our message up and there are a huge number of journalists in support of what we do. ARAN's unique approach to animal rights in Ireland is fast tracking huge numbers of people into the movement and for good reason. Our movement is not successful if we're not bringing people on board, as this would mean losing out on opportunities to show people about the suffering animals endure, but thanks to our approach we are attracting more people than ever before. As a result of our rally and recent posting of Earthlings, more people are contacting us saying they are going vegetarian and vegan -- this is the job we do so well, without pointing any finger, without putting any ridiculous pressure on people to change, and we do so in a respectful manner.

We'd finally like to thank each and every supporter out there who has connected with ARAN in some way or another. If you donate to ARAN, if you attend our events and demonstrations, if you write letters and emails when we ask you to, if you support us in any active way then we want you to know that it is because of your support that we have blanketed our nation with the message "Cruelty to animals must stop, FULL STOP.

Bea part of the positive, peaceful change, thank you!


"Fighting animal abuse across Ireland"

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