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Dog cruelty in Iran - stray dogs are shot with BB guns and killed by lethal injections

I recently came back from a trip to Tehran/Iran, where I am originally from.

While over there, I noticed many starving, abused, and injured stray dogs. I also found out that government related offices order & encourage shootings and killing by lethal injections of the stray dogs with the worse possible conditions.

Here is a link to a video showing such killings

The only hope for these poor dogs are privately organized groups who operate using their own private funds and volunteers. I met one of these groups who tries helping & finding shelters for stray injured dogs and feeding/ neutering/ treating  them as much as they can.

Unfortunately such group of people are very scarce due to economical hardship of the general public and lack of government support. These groups are even afraid of advertising and asking for help publicly, due to fear of government prosecution. According to Islamic rules, dogs are considered dirty and its forbidden to keep dogs as pets.

One such shelter is maxed out having 700 dogs ... another one has 261 dogs including 50 puppies with not enough food or personnel ... one of my friends actively helping these shelters, is taking care of 15 puppies in her tiny apartment.

Iranians will be fined for walking their dogs in the streets and therefore demand for adopting dogs has decreased drastically, worsening the situation.
Is there any way that you or any other international animal rights group can help with this situation in Iran???

Now that sanctions are over and Iran is starting relationships with west, is it possible for any animal right advocacy group to start and open a branch in Iran?

Is it possible to ask the international community of dog lovers to help fund and build large shelters in Iran and supplying them with neutering injections and other medicinal supplies which do not even exist in Iran??? I will be able to help any way is needed to start the connection.

I hope that you read my email and be able to help those poor dogs who are subjected to such cruelty for no reason....

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