Just look at the eyes of Kartick Satyanarayan and those of his friend, the bear. Both sets of eyes are pools of beauty; windows into two souls full of love...  . .it's inspiring to know there are some humans truly gifted with the strength to help. .  and to know that there is a view of animals that enables their work: AHIMSA...

Co-founders of WildlifeSOS India...

Katrick Satyanarayan is one of my heroes... Co-founder of Wildlifesos India is Geeta Seshamiani, another hero... These two have accomplished what no other animal rights group has... They are effective and guided by the spirit of ahimsa. I read their website everyday for inspiration and faith.that it is possible to help animals. They trigger so much support from people starved for compassion, in the west, which will never be found in a dominion nation... Katrick and Geeta inspire a world longing for compassion a world in need of AHIMSA.

Kartick Satyanarayan, the man who made an elephant weep with joy
Satyanarayan's NGO Wildlife SOS has been rescuing and rehabilitating bears, leopards, elephants and tigers

Rajat Ghai  July 26, 2014

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