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"The Chicken Story Retold" on Vegan India!

United Poultry Concerns -
6 September 2012

"The Chicken Story Retold" on Vegan India!

Dear United Poultry Concerns,

Greetings! The Chicken Story on Vegan India! has been uploaded today. Please
find it in this link:

We have attributed all the writings inspired by the UPC website to their
respective sources.

No writing of this nature has been done on the chicken in the Indian vegan blogs so far, even though chicken consumption has peaked in India. The trucks loaded with broiler chickens have become commonplace sights. This was not how it was 15 years ago. KFCs and MacDonald's have mushroomed. It is a big pity.

I hope you like the "The Chicken Story Retold." We are grateful for this wonderful collaboration with you.

Warm regards,

May veganism triumph!
Vegan India!

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