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Problem in Papikondalu India

March 25, 2016

I am a student of 9 th and this is my mothers account i want to bring u a notice that human kind are becoming more and more selfish day by day recently when i went to visit a place named PAPIKONDALU in state Andhra pradesh and it was the most wonderful place i have been visited by now it is valley region it gives shelter many kind of different species and it is lively hood for many tribes and the AP government has decided to construct a dam their plenty of in that region still they ready to kill their lives

i don't want this to happen not only many people don't want this to happen even our Indian government has given permission in for their political future but please please save them

its all in your hands please ............


its my humble request to take the reaction on this papikondlu. please.............

these are tribal people who live there their laugh is going to last for many days if dam is constructed

these are animals which are going to be extend if dam is constructed.

this is a wonderful beauty of nature which is being drowned for human selfishness

please can u forward this many many to stop dam SAVE NATURE .

PLEASE.................................................... i had send this to many organisations but their no reply pleaseeeeeee

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