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Vegan is the Way to Go in Indian Weddings

Diet, fashion and now even weddings, everything is getting a vegan twist now.

It's no more considered a hippy philosophy. Nor is it an alien concept
that can be scoffed at for being 'a little too extreme'. At a time
when biodiversity has become an international concern, going vegan is
no more a fad. From being considered an extreme form of vegetarianism,
today veganism has managed to blend seamlessly into mainstream

Vegan weddings

Preethi and Raghav, a young South Indian couple, have decided to go
for what might just be India's "first vegan wedding". "We have been
involved with a lot of animal rescue and welfare organisations. And
during our time with them, we've seen the atrocities animals are put
through to cater to the dietary needs of humans. This act itself is
inhuman at many levels, so we decided to go vegan," says bride-to-be,
Preethi Shankaran, who along with fiance Raghav is taking great pains
to ensure that their wedding will be a totally vegan affair! "When
Raghav and I decided to go for a vegan wedding, our parents were not
too comfortable with the idea at first. Imagine a South Indian wedding
with no payasam! But we took them to talks and workshops, and later
they came on board," explains Preethi.
"Veganism is not just about food and clothing alone. It's about every
consumer item that has animal product in it," says Amita Desai,
executive Director, Goethe-Zentrum.

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