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Free Indian Activists Arrested for Stopping Illegal Cattle Slaughter!

Four Indian activists were arrested for armed robbery after chasing down and stopping a truck illegally carrying young cattle to a slaughterhouse.

According to the Maharashtra Animal Preservation Act of 1976, it is illegal to slaughter cattle under 16 years of age. The truck driver's manner of packing six cattle into his small vehicle was a further violation of law.

After stopping the truck, the activists called the police to report the incident. The police instructed the men to take the truck to the nearest station, where the truck driver accused them of physical assault and robbery. Those accused of animal cruelty were booked under bailable offenses, while the activists were booked under a non-bailable offense.

The Maharashtra Animal Preservation Act of 1976 states that a person acting with clear intent to stop an act of animal cruelty cannot be prosecuted. The activists clearly intended to help animals or they would not have contacted police. Please urge the Khed Magistrate Court to free the four activists.

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