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Vegetarian in Mumbai? Welcome to the meat-free neighbourhood

NEW DELHI—Militant vegetarians in Mumbai first began keeping
meat-eaters out of their apartment blocks a few years ago, pressuring
residents’ associations to keep out carnivorous newcomers. Later, the
restaurants in these neighbourhoods took meat off their menus for fear
of offending vegetarian customers.

Now, the movement has gone a step further with grocery stores and
supermarkets keeping meat and eggs off the shelves. Even sandwiches,
salads or desserts that might contain egg or meat are not stocked.

Mumbai’s vegetarians aim to turn their neighbourhoods into vegetarian
enclaves. In a supermarket in Malabar Hill — home to wealthy families,
most of whom are staunchly vegetarian — none of these items is

“My customers began complaining,” said Neeraj Gupta, who runs a small
supermarket in Malabar Hill. “They didn’t like having to walk past
where the eggs were kept so I decided to take everything with eggs in
it off my shelves. I’ve got to keep my customers happy.”

Known as India’s most cosmopolitan city, Mumbai has areas where global
fast food joints such as Pizza Hut and McDonald’s have taken all meat
items off their menus.

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